Game Show Bingo

Game Show Bingo

Try your hand at Game Show Bingo for a fun-filled experience, plus the chance to win big jackpot prizes!

    Game Show Bingo Game Overview

    With tickets starting from just 25p each, this game offers big money jackpots and plenty of fun!

    There are lots of exciting features available, including fun-filled chat rooms and bonus games. 

    What is Game Show Bingo?

    With two jackpots available, this awesome game gives you the chance to win big money jackpots, plus several bonus games.

    Bonus games could award you free bingo tickets, as part of our wider promotions.

    Why Play Game Show Bingo

    As well as the potentially huge cash prizes up for grabs, take part in our fun-filled chat rooms with other players and our friendly hosts. 

    Hosts also play regular chat games, in addition to the three bonus games available, where you could win cash and other prizes. 

    How to Win Game Show Bingo

    A classic 90-ball bingo game, there are three prizes available.

    These are awarded to the first players to complete one line, two lines and a full house. 

    You could also win several jackpots, offering you even more ways to win. 

    Progressive Jackpot

    This game is attached to a Progressive Jackpot.

    The prize amount increases with each ticket purchased.

    Complete a full house within a certain number of balls to win 50% of the jackpot; the other 50% is shared between all other ticket-holders in the game.


    Fantastic 51 Super Jackpot

    This jackpot pays out at 1000x your ticket price.

    You must complete a full house within 51 ball calls to win this jackpot.


    Sumo Bonus

    This skilled-based game gives you the chance to win free tickets for the next bingo game by achieving the highest score possible.

    The aim of Sumo Bonus is to hit one of the three sumo wrestlers with one of five balls provided.

    The number of points awarded depends on the colour of the ball:

    • Red Sumo - five points
    • Yellow Sumo - 10 points
    • Blue Sumo - 20 points

    Consecutive hits will trigger a streak multiplier:

    • Red Sumo - extra x2 Bonus Win Amount = 5x (streak multiplier) x 2
    • Yellow Sumo - extra x3 Bonus Win Amount = 10x (streak multiplier) x 3
    • Blue Sumo - extra x5 Bonus Win Amount = 20x (streak multiplier) x 5

    The streak ends when you miss a sumo wrestler.


    Bungee Bonus

    This is another skill-based game offering you the chance to win tickets for the next bingo game by achieving the highest score possible.

    The aim is to time your run along the game area in order to collect boxes.

    Each box has an allocated number of points:

    • Large Box - five points
    • Medium Box - 10 points
    • Small Box - 20 points

    Consecutive hits will trigger a streak multiplier.

    The streak will end if you miss a box.


    Balloon Pop Bonus

    Achieve the highest score possible in this bonus to win tickets for the next game. 

    You need to burst a balloon of a certain colour - the colour will be displayed in the game area.

    • Large Balloon - five points
    • Medium Balloon - 10 points
    • Small Balloon - 20 points

    Chat Rooms

    Our chat feature couldn't be easier to use.

    Simply enter your message in the box at the bottom of the chat screen and press enter or click 'Send' - your message will then appear automatically.

    Our chat hosts are there to look after you and answer any questions you may have - they're easy to identify as they have 'HOST' written at the end of their name.

    Chat hosts also play regular chat games, so do keep an eye out as you could win cash and other special prizes!


    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 80.99% - 85.45%

    The actual monthly return to player across all bingo games ranges between 80.99% - 85.45%.

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.