Superlinks Bingo

This unique bingo room offers huge jackpots worth up to £20,000, with £37,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won each day!

    Superlinks Bingo Game Overview 

    Superlinks Bingo is an exciting bingo game with lots of opportunities to win real cash prizes. 

    As well as a huge Super Jackpot up for grabs, there's £37k in guaranteed prize money and guaranteed full houses available.

    Why Play Superlinks Bingo?

    Play this classic 90-ball game for a fun-filled gaming experience with the chance to win potentially huge cash prizes. 

    With tickets starting from just 10p, and £37,000 to be won each day, there's plenty of ways to win big. 

    What's more, play at set times throughout the day for a chance to win minimum guaranteed full houses of up to £2000 thanks to our stellar promotions

    Another special game worth checking out is Session Bingo, which lets you play one hour of bingo for just £5.

    Purchasing Tickets

    Click 'Play Now' to open the purchasing screen - decide how many tickets you'd like to buy and for what game (either the next one available or you can schedule buy).

    The current prize and jackpot amounts will also be displayed here. 

    Use the tabs at the top of the screen to view all tickets you own; you can also schedule buy tickets for later games taking place in that room here.

    Click 'Buy' to confirm your purchase - once complete, you're ready to play your game. 

    When the game begins, your tickets will appear and you can watch your tickets being marked off as the numbers are called.

    How to Play Superlinks Bingo

    This game takes place on a 3x9 card featuring 15 numbers.

    A total of 90 balls will be called.

    Numbers will be marked off for you as they are called, giving you the chance to get involved in our friendly chat rooms.

    How to Win Superlinks Bingo

    To win a cash prize, you need to complete one line, two lines or a full house before all other players in that room. 

    Prizes are awarded as follows:

    • One line – marking off any horizontal line
    • Two lines – marking off any two horizontal lines
    • Full house – marking off every number on your ticket

    We automatically keep track of your tickets and award any prizes won. 

    Super Jackpots

    To win a Super Jackpot, you need to call ‘house’ on an applicable bingo game within 38 ball calls.

    Super Jackpot is a community-based cash prize of a fixed amount.

    If triggered, the person who made the call will receive a percentage of the prize amount.

    The rest of the jackpot is equally split between all other players who held a ticket in the winning game.

    When you see the ‘Super Jackpot (SJ)’ symbol in game, it means that the Super Jackpot is available.


    Enjoy meeting fellow players and having a good chinwag in our chat rooms during a game of Superlinks Bingo.

    All you need to do is type a message in the small box at the bottom of your chat screen, then press Enter or click Send.

    Your message will then appear automatically for the host and other players to see.

    Our friendly Chat hosts are there to look after you and are happy to help with any questions you may have - they're easy to identify as the word ‘HOST’ always follows their name.

    They also hold frequent chat games and quizzes, giving you the chance to win cash and special prizes!

    Return To Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 80.99% - 85.45%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £80.99 and £85.45 of wins.