Session Bingo

Buy tickets for this great value game to enjoy a mix of 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo titles. All players have exactly the same amount of tickets, meaning you always have an equal chance of winning!

    Session Bingo Game Overview

    Session Bingo gives you one hour of online bingo for just £5 every day! 

    Everyone in the room receives 15 tickets for a mix of 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games, giving you an equal chance of winning each time you play. 

    Four sessions take place each day at 10am, 1pm, 7pm and 11pm. 

    Why Play Session Bingo?

    With 15 games available at one fixed price, Session Bingo offers a much cheaper alternative to buying individual tickets for each game. 

    It also allows you to sample various games and different online bingo formats, so you can decide your favourite way to play.

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    Remember: you can reap even more awards by participating in our fun-filled bingo chat rooms, where you'll find plenty of natter, games and quizzes.

    How to Play

    Click 'Buy Now' to open the purchasing screen. 

    Decide which session you'd like to play before confirming your purchase - you can buy tickets up to seven days in advance for this game.

    You can only ever buy the maximum amount of tickets (15 for this game) for the standard price of £5.

    The 15 games will include a mix of 75, 80 and 90-ball titles (see below).

    90-Ball Bingo Games

    This classic bingo format is played on a card with three rows and nine columns. 

    Each card contains 15 numbers from one to 90 - simply mark numbers off before all other players for a chance to win the three prizes available. 

    75-Ball Bingo Games

    Known as the US version of bingo, to win the one prize available you must be the first player to complete the pre-determined winning pattern. 

    You'll find more information about this unique game, as well as its popular counterpart, on our guide to 75-ball bingo and 90 ball-bingo.

    80-Ball Bingo Games

    80-ball bingo takes place on a colourful 4x4 card featuring 16 squares, with 80 numbers called in total.

    Much like the 75-ball version, you need to complete a winning pattern in order to win - you'll be informed of this at the start of the game.

    Game Schedule

    Four Session Bingo games take place each day:

    - Morning (10-11am)

    - Afternoon (3-4pm)

    - Evening (7-8pm)

    - Twilight (11pm-midnight)

    You can buy tickets up to seven days in advance for each.

    To do so, select your chosen time and date on the calendar and click 'Confirm' to purchase your 15 tickets.


    How Much Can I Win in Session Bingo?

    This depends on the number of players in each session.

    As everyone always has the same amount of tickets, you all have an equal chance of winning.

    Jackpots are available during every game - it resets to the seed value of £2,500 each time it's won.

    A portion of every wager placed on this game contributes to the jackpot pool.