Play Off Palace Weekly

Win free bingo tickets for our weekly special to be in with the chance of winning huge cash prizes at no cost to you!

    Play Off Palace Weekly Online Bingo - Game Overview

    Experience the thrill of our exclusive weekly online bingo special, which gives you the opportunity to win potentially huge cash prizes for nothing!

    Tickets for this game are free, but they can only be won while playing a qualifying game. 

    What is Play Off Palace Weekly?

    This is our weekly special bingo game, which costs absolutely nothing to play.

    However, tickets cannot be purchased - they can only be claimed by winning a qualifying game between Monday and Sunday.

    With potentially huge prize amounts up for grabs, this is one online bingo game that you won't want to miss!

    How to Play

    Entry into this bingo room is only granted if you've won a qualifying game between Monday and Sunday.

    Qualifying games are easy to identify, as they feature the PP symbol. 

    Win one line, two lines or a full house while playing a select game before 7:55pm each day of the week to be awarded six tickets for that evening's Play Off Palace Bingo Daily and six tickets for the weekly game.

    The Weekly takes place in our Bingo Lobby every Sunday at 21:15.

    There are five weekly games in total - these start at 21:15, 21:20, 21:25, 21:30 and 21:35 every Sunday. 


    How To Buy Tickets

    You can only secure tickets for this game by winning one line, two lines or a full house in a qualifying PP game. 

    Winning a qualifying game will award you six tickets to the Weekly game.

    You can win a maximum of 72 tickets per game.

    In order to play, you must claim your tickets before the game starts, otherwise your tickets will expire. 

    Do this by entering the room and clicking the 'Claim Now' button.

    As long as you've claimed your tickets, you don't need to watch them play out, as our auto-daub feature marks them off for you. You'll also be credited any wins automatically. 


    Prize Money

    The prize money is a set amount decided by us each week.

    It varies from week to week, so be sure to check the current amount by visiting the Play Off Palace lobby tile under Bingo tab.