Play Off Palace Daily

Play our exclusive daily bingo game by winning free tickets in a qualifying game.

    Play Off Palace Daily Online Bingo - Game Overview

    This is a one of a kind, money can't buy game, offering you a thrilling online bingo experience at no cost! 

    Join in the fun by winning free bingo tickets while playing a qualifying game.

    Why Play Play Off Palace Daily 

    There are plenty of reasons to get excited about this game, not least the fact that it's a free online bingo game!

    As entry into both the daily and weekly game is by invitation only, this is a unique game that you won't want to miss. 

    How do I play in the Play Off Palace Daily?

    For a chance to win the free tickets, you need to play a qualifying game in our Sapphire and Session bingo rooms.

    Qualifying games feature the "PP" symbol (please note tickets cannot be won from a free game, linked game or if you have won a progressive jackpot).

    Win one line, two lines or a full house in a qualifying game before 19:55 to be awarded six tickets for that evening's Play Off Palace.

    You can win a maximum of 72 tickets for each game.

    Winning a qualifying game will award you a total of 12 tickets - six for that evening's Daily game and six for the Weekly game.

    How to Play Play Off Palace Bingo Daily

    You can only enter the room if you've won in a qualifying PP game that day.

    To play, you need to claim your winning tickets before the game starts, otherwise they will be lost - tickets do not carry over to the next day/game.

    The Daily starts at 20:45 each day of the week and takes place in our Bingo Lobby.

    Tickets can be claimed from 20:15 - do this by going to the Play off Palace Daily tile and clicking “Play Now”. 

    Click the “Claim” button to redeem your free tickets. 

    Don't worry if you cannot join the room - as long as you've claimed your tickets, our auto-daub feature will mark your cards off for you and you'll be paid any winnings that you're entitled to.


    Prize Money

    The prize amount varies between games, as we set it each week.

    This can be seen by visiting the Play Off Palace lobby tile under the 'Bingo' tab.