How Do Jackpots Work When You're Playing Online Bingo?

If you’re new to our wonderful online bingo games, then you may be wondering how you can bag a jackpot! Read on to find out.
13th April 2023

How Do Jackpots Work When You're Playing Online Bingo?


If you’re new to our wonderful online bingo games, then you may not have heard about our fabulous jackpots yet. Well, strap in because we’re about to fill you in! 

For those not familiar with bingo, traditional games will offer prizes based on a player completing at least one full line or a full house on their cards. Lots of our online bingo games also offer an exciting twist, though, with plenty of unique bonuses and prizes available to enjoy in our bingo rooms. For an extra pop of fun, many offer the chance to bag a jackpot prize too!  

Jackpot prizes usually have a ‘condition to win’, which means that a full house needs to be completed within a certain number of calls, on a particular number or even lines completed in a predetermined pattern before the jackpot can be awarded. All these conditions make for a super exciting playing experience, as you race against your fellow bingo dabbers to claim yourself as Supreme Jackpot Winner (we made that title up, but it sounds pretty cool, right?).  

Types of Jackpots 

There are two different types of jackpots available in our online bingo games. Both types of jackpot work in a different way, with different values available to win. There is the fixed jackpot, which is worth a set amount, and the progressive jackpot, which can grow in value every time the game is played until it is won.  


Progressive Jackpots Explained 

Progressive jackpots are particularly exciting because they can continue to grow until they are won! Every time one of our wonderful members plays a game featuring a progressive jackpot, a percentage of their wager will be used to boost the value of the jackpot. The longer the game lasts – or the more players that join – the bigger the jackpot prize! 

You’ll need to complete a full house within a certain number of calls or on a predetermined ball to scoop this jackpot prize. 

For example, in Bingo 80, you’ll need to shout ‘house’ on the number 80 to claim the jackpot. Similarly, Bubble Up Bingo offers the ‘Super 7 Jackpot’, which is another progressive jackpot, except this one needs to be claimed on the number seven. Check out the in-game information to find out which number you need to look out for. 

Powerbolts Jackpot Feature 

As well as our standard progressive jackpot prizes, members of Jackpotjoy can also play for the chance to win one of our Powerbolts Jackpots! These are progressive prizes that must drop by a certain time each day. There are two jackpot prizes on offer with this feature: Maxi Bolt and Mini Bolt. 

The Maxi Bolt has to be won within a set number of calls, which will start off low and gradually increase as the hours roll by – making it easier for players to win the jackpot. If no one has claimed the jackpot by the 9.55pm game, then the win condition will be set to 90 balls, guaranteeing a player will win the jackpot in that game. 

Once the Maxi Bolt prize has been claimed, then all contributions will be added to the Mini Bolt prize, meaning it will grow even faster than before. Like the Maxi Bolt, this prize must be won within a certain number of ball calls. Unlike the Maxi Bolt, though, this number is higher and won’t change, which means it can be won multiple times during the day. 

To be in with a chance to winning one of our electrifying Powerbolts Jackpot (see what we did there?), head over to our Sapphire Bingo room and get stuck into the fun! 


Fixed Jackpot Prizes 

If you’ve played in one of our Superlinks bingo rooms before, then you might have spotted the ‘SJ’ symbol flying around. ‘SJ’ stands for Super Jackpot and is a fixed cash prize that can vary from a whopping £10,000 to £20,000. This jackpot is available across all games in the Superlinks system and is awarded to players who manage to complete a full house within 38 calls. 

The Super Jackpot could be a community prize, which means that 50% of the pot will be awarded to the game’s winner, while the rest will be split equally between the remaining players. It’s all about spreading the joy around! After all, the best part of playing online bingo is joining a wonderful community of fellow dabbers. 

We want all our members to experience the joy of a winning moment. That’s why our range of online bingo games offers tons of chances to scoop a prize! Whether you’re after a fabulous jackpot or an exciting bonus prize, there are all sorts of prizes available to win. 


Still have questions? Never fear! Pop over to our FAQ section for more information about our bingo jackpots.  

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