Celebrate National Bingo Day with Our New Bingo Features

We’re giving our action-packed bingo rooms an exciting boost with some brand new features.
13th June 2023

Celebrate National Bingo Day with Our New Bingo Features


There’s just over a week to go until National Bingo Day and, seeing as we love any opportunity to share the joy around, we’re kicking off the celebrations early. From Friday 23rd June, we’re offering the chance to bag even more prizes in our fabulous Sapphire Bingo room

That’s right. As if our dab-tastic bingo rooms weren’t jam-packed with enough fun, we’re adding a new way to play for prizes. Say hello to our Bingo Boosters!  

Bingo Boosters explained 

Anyone who has played a game of bingo before, whether online or in a land-based bingo hall, will know that the joy of bingo isn’t just winning, it’s also experiencing the super friendly atmosphere and enjoying a natter with your fellow players.  

If we’re being completely honest though, we all love a prize. And, with three main prizes typically on offer in each game of online bingo, competition to win one can be fierce. Our brand new Bingo Boosters offer the chance to win a cash prize or extra bingo tickets, even if you don’t manage to win a prize line during the main game.  

Available in completely random games of bingo throughout the day, Bingo Boosters offer an exciting element of surprise (who doesn’t love a nice surprise?!) to a game that’s already packed with action. 

There are three features on offer with Bingo Boosters: X To Go, Roll On and Winner’s Tickets. 

X To Go 

We’ve all been there. Watching with our fingers and toes crossed as we wait for that final number on our card to be called so we can shout FULL HOUSE at the top of our lungs. If another player manages to beat you to the pip before your last number is called, then the X To Go Bingo Booster could award you with a share of the extra prize pot. If you were the only player left with just one number to go, then you’ll claim the whole prize pot.  

Sometimes we’ll even surprise players who had two numbers left to go with prizes too! 

Roll On 

Similar to X To Go, the Roll On Bingo Booster offers a share of a prize pot (or even the whole thing) to players who missed out on the Full House. This booster is available for those who could have bagged the Full House with a few more calls.  

Once the main game is over, you’ll get up to five extra ball calls for an extra chance to complete your card.  

Winner’s Tickets 

The Winner’s Tickets Bingo Booster means you could win tickets to enter the brilliant Play Off Palace, where you could bag a cash prize. Usually only available to winners of qualifying bingo games, anyone who plays a Bingo Booster bingo game could be in with a chance to join the fun in the palace! 

Play Off Palace tickets are available to be won between 12am and 7pm and can be used in the daily Play Off Palace game at 8.45pm, as well as in the huge weekly game on Sunday night. Tickets won within 60 minutes of that day’s daily game will roll over to the next day. 

Whether you’re playing online or getting the crew together for your very own bingo party at home, we hope you have a brilliant National Bingo Day packed with plenty of laughs and winning moments! Don’t forget our wonderful (if we do say so ourselves) chat hosts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our new Bingo Boosters during the game or even just to have a natter with you while you play.  

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