Our Tips for Hosting Your Own Bingo Party

Get the crew together with our tips to hosting a dab-tastic bingo night at home.
14th June 2023

Our Tips for Hosting Your Own Bingo Party


With National Bingo Day just around the corner (27th June for those looking to mark the occasion in their calendars), we’re thinking about all the different ways we love to play bingo. From land-based bingo halls to online bingo rooms available to join from your phone or desktop, there are plenty of different ways to join a bingo party. What do they all have in common, though? The ability to enjoy the fun with your friends!  

For those who love a good night in but still want the land-based bingo experience, why not host your own bingo party? With some tips from us, an energetic host (we’re looking at you) and a groovy music playlist, you’ll have everything you need for an ultimate bingo party at home. 


Before you get started 

Listen up, would-be party hosts, there are some very important things you need to do before kicking off your bingo party. 

  • Pick your caller 

Our recommendation? Pick someone who looooooves to talk – your caller will be announcing the numbers as they’re produced, so players can dab them off their grids as the game progresses. For an authentic bingo experience, get your caller to brush up on some popular bingo calls before the game starts. 

  • Dress up to the nines 

We love any excuse to get glammed up! Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can’t pull out your finest outfits. Whether you dress up to the nines, tens or even elevens, make sure you look your bingo best for the party.  

  • Get the tunes going 

Whether you’re aiming to host a winning dinner party or bingo party, music is key. Choosing the right playlist can have a huge impact on the overall mood of the evening – calmer songs could lend to a more relaxed environment, whilst more upbeat tunes could amp up the energy in the room and get your players dabbing faster.  Just make sure the volume isn’t louder than your caller! You’ll need to make sure everyone can hear their numbers. 

  • Stock up on supplies 

We’re talking pens (check these are working before the game begins), paper, drinks and plenty of tasty snacks. The last thing we want during a game of bingo is an impromptu dash to the shops for more crisps. 

Get creative  

Now the scene is set for your bingo party, it’s time to flex those creative muscles and make your bingo cards. Grab your pen and paper (this is high tech stuff, guys) and draw a grid with 3x5 squares. Everyone, except the caller, needs to do this. If you don’t have a grid, then you won’t be able to play the game. 

Once you’re happy with your super artistic grid, fill in each of the boxes with a number between one and 90. Each box needs to have a different number. If you’re in need of some inspiration, then answer the questions below to decide your numbers. 

  • How many biscuits are good with a cuppa? Personally, we think four. 
  • What’s your age? Be honest here… 
  • How many films have you watched in the last three months? 
  • Roughly how many items are in your laundry basket right now? Socks included! 
  • What’s your door number? 
  • How many books are there in your house? Magazines count too. 

Start dabbing 

So, grids drawn and filled? It’s time to kick off the action then! Playing bingo is simple. The objective is the same whether you’re playing in person or online: be the first person to cross off every number on your grid to win.  

If the caller shouts out a number that’s on your grid, then you can cross off that position. No cheating, please – if the number isn’t called then you’ll have to leave that box uncrossed. Once everyone is ready and armed with their dabbers, it’s time for the brilliant bingo caller to warm up their vocal cords and get calling! Go on, give yourself a cough to clear the throat. That’s better.  

Callers can use a random number generator online or even an old-school bingo machine (you know, the iconic spinning cage filled with balls) to decide which numbers are called.  

There are three chances for someone to scream ‘BINGO’ in each game. The first prize is awarded for completing a full line before anyone else, while the second prize is for completing two lines first. Once the first two prizes are awarded, it’s a race to the end with every box needing to be marked off for someone to bag a ‘Full House’!  


Make sure you award the winners with some fantastic out-of-this-world prizes. You can pool together some loose change for a prize pot or line up some tasty treats for the winners to dig into while everyone else clears up. If you’re feeling minimalistic, then here’s some winning suggestions: 

  • Third prize (1 line): A thumbs up. Don’t strain yourself. 
  • Second prize (2 lines): A smile. Up to you whether you include teeth. 
  • First prize (Full House): Must be referred to as the almighty winner forever more. Or until the end of the week. 

There you have it! A recipe for the ultimate bingo night in, with all the ingredients needed to make it a night to remember for your guests – perfect for celebrating National Bingo Day. However, if you’d rather enjoy a game of bingo without hosting a party or leaving the house, then check out our collection of online bingo games. Available to play on your mobile, tablet or desktop, our online bingo games bring the party to your fingertips, with plenty of prizes and community fun to be enjoyed.  

Not sure how online bingo works? Check out our complete Online Bingo Guide on our blog, which answers everything you need to know about playing online. 

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