Check Out Our Top Casino Bingo Games

Looking for the very best casino bingo games? You’ve come to the right place!
23rd February 2023

Check Out Our Top Casino Bingo Games


Looking for the best casino bingo games to play online? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for classic 90-ball bingo or special bingo games offering unique features, we have plenty of brilliant games worth shouting home (or ‘house’) about. 

Casino bingo is a fabulous community-based game involving players competing against each other to mark off as many numbers on their cards as possible. As a game with a rich history, there are lots of different versions that have popped up over the years, each with a new twist or theme.  

With so many options to choose from, picking our favourites is a tricky business – but just for you, we’ve managed to round up our top games. Without further ado, here are our top casino bingo games available to play here at Jackpotjoy! 

Superlinks Bingo 

Possibly our favourite bingo game of them all, Superlinks Bingo is a game packed with exciting opportunities to bag real cash prizes!  

The rules of Superlinks Bingo are just like regular 90-ball casino bingo rules: complete at least one line or a full house before any other player to win. Superlinks Bingo isn’t just any ordinary 90-ball bingo game, though. 

In a dab-tastic twist on classic 90-ball bingo, this game features a huge Super Jackpot up for grabs, plus over £35,000 in prize money guaranteed to be won each day! And that’s not all – we also offer the chance to win guaranteed full houses worth up to £2000 at set times during the day. 

If you complete a full house in 38 ball calls or under during this game, then you’ll receive the title of ‘Super Jackpot winner’! Sounds good, right? 

Sapphire Bingo

There are lots of reasons to enjoy a game of Sapphire Bingo at Jackpotjoy, not least because there are multiple opportunities to win. 

In addition to the standard 90-ball casino bingo prizes, our Sapphire Bingo room offers the incredible Powerbolts Jackpot prize, featuring a Maxi Bolt and Mini Bolt jackpot. Since these jackpots are progressive, they will continue to grow until they are won, which could make for a huge payout. 

One of our fabulous players can win the Maxi Bolt jackpot each day in the Sapphire Bingo room. Once that prize has been won, all contributions will then be added to the Mini Bolt jackpot, meaning it will grow faster than before. The Mini Bolt jackpot can be won several times during the day. Keep an eye out for our £100, £500 and £1000 full house games too, which take place at select times throughout the day. 

Superlinks 75

We launched our super-duper revamped Superlinks 75 casino bingo room back in August to celebrate our 20th birthday. For that reason, it’s a game that holds a very special place in our hearts! 

In comparison to our regular Superlinks game, Superlinks 75 is played with 75 balls and offers two different games for players to choose from. The first option is the classic pattern-based game that our UK-based fans should be a dab hand at already, while the second option is slightly different. In the second option, prizes will be awarded for being the first player to complete one line, two lines, three lines and so on, therefore offering five chances to win! 

Superlinks 75 also offers a Roll On game, which gives players the chance to win a prize even after the Full House has been won, and the Super Jackpot, which could award a whopping prize. With all these fantastic features and tickets starting from just 10p, Superlinks 75 is a casino bingo game well worth trying out! 

Bubble Up Bingo

Based on the iconic ‘Double Bubble’ slot series, Bubble Up Bingo will transport you to the instantly recognisable Double Bubble bathroom for the chance to scrub up a bingo-licious prize!  

Bubble Up Bingo follows the same casino bingo rules as traditional 90-ball games, with three prizes up for grabs each time you play. Players can also discover two unique features in this bingo game, though, for even more chances to win!  

The exciting Double Up Bonus will double the value of any winnings achieved on a ‘double number’ (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88). This will be applied to one-line wins, two-line wins and full house prizes. Meanwhile, a progressive jackpot is in play during Bubble Up Bingo, which can be won by calling ‘house’ on the number seven.   

If you’re a fan of the Double Bubble online slot titles, then you’ll feel right at home in this bingo version of the game. 

Of course, the real joy of online bingo is the ability to chat with your fellow players just like in a real casino. Whether you’re a fan of traditional 90-ball bingo or you’re after the next big jackpot, all our wonderful games feature super fun chat rooms for a real-life bingo experience wherever you are. 

Did you know we also offer a collection of exciting bingo games available for our members to play for free? That’s right! Our free-to-play games offer a brilliant opportunity for members to bag a cash prize without having to buy tickets or place a wager. 

There we have it. We’ve listed our favourite games (it was tricky, but we did it!) – what are yours? Jump on into our full collection of casino bingo games to find out. 

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