Introducing Superlinks 75: A New Bingo Room for Our Twentieth Birthday

We're celebrating two decades of Jackpotjoy with a revamp of one of our favourite bingo rooms!
6th October 2022

Introducing Superlinks 75: A New Bingo Room for Our Twentieth Birthday


Calling all bingo fans: Jackpotjoy turns twenty this month! 

That’s right – our beloved bingo site is celebrating two whole decades filled to the brim with fun, games, and wins. This autumn, we’re marking the occasion by launching some fantastic new features here on the Jackpotjoy website just in time for the big birthday bash. Everyone’s invited to come and play!

Jump-starting our season of celebration is the brand new revamp of our Superlinks 75 bingo room. From the 17th August onwards, this new bingo room will be available for players, offering a choice between two different bingo varieties, each one with a fantastic array of prizes up for grabs of course!

What is Superlinks 75?

Superlinks 75 is an online bingo game played with 75 balls instead of the classic 90. Visually, the Superlinks 75 game screen has a similar look to that of previous Jackpotjoy Superlinks bingo games, but with a refreshed feel.

Two types of games will be available for you to choose from:

  1. A classic pattern-based bingo game. This style of game will be familiar to UK-based bingo fans! Players will aim to complete a pattern on their bingo ticket – usually a pre-determined pattern or a full house. Doing so will land the player a prize.
  2. Five line bingo. This game is played slightly differently to a standard bingo game and offers players five chances to win! Players will aim to be the first to complete a line (five numbers on a single horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) on a single ticket. The first person to do so will win a prize. The next prize will be given out to the first player who completes two horizontal lines on a single ticket and so on. This will continue until the maximum prize has been given out – this goes to the who marks off all 25 numbers on a single ticket (a full house).

Superlinks Game Jackpots

The jackpot available in these games will be a Super Jackpot, with a seed value of £2,500 for a 10p stake, and a whopping £5,000 for a 20p stake! The first player to achieve a full house within the required number of ball calls will be the Jackpot winner!

What’s changing in our new Superlink 75 games?

Some players will be experienced with other Superlinks bingo games previously hosted on the website. In celebration of Jackpotjoy’s twentieth birthday, Superlinks is back and better than before! Whilst the game will still have all the classic features, we’ve added a second version of the game with five chances to win instead of one. It’s all about sharing the joy around!

When can I play Superlinks 75 games?

You can play the classic pattern-based bingo games every hour on the hour in the Superlinks bingo room. Five line bingo games can be played more frequently, however, meaning there are even more chances to win!

There’s a fantastic variety of online bingo games on offer here at Jackpotjoy. Just visit our online bingo page to start exploring!