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How to Play Bingo - Everything You Need to Know

Chances are you’re somewhat familiar with the bingo phenomenon - it is, after all, one of the most popular games in the UK! But how much do you really know about bingo games and how do they differ playing online?

Our comprehensive bingo guide below is jam-packed with useful information, hints and tips to kick-start your ultimate online bingo experience - right here at Jackpotjoy.

Online Bingo Games

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How to Play Bingo

Playing bingo online couldn’t be simpler. The focus is all about having fun, but there are a few things that you should know before trying your hand at this fun-filled game:

  • End goal: the aim of all bingo games is to mark off numbers on your bingo card as quickly as possible for a chance of winning
  • Different formats: the English and American versions of bingo are two of the most famous, and not without good reason. The former consists of 90 balls and you typically need to complete one or two lines, or a full house to win. The latter consists of 75 balls and is played on a 5x5 card, requiring you to check numbers off in a certain pattern 
  • Marking numbers off: numbers are automatically crossed off for you in online bingo, meaning you can pay more attention to the on-screen action
  • Unique online bingo features: whether you’re playing bingo online or in a hall, the concept is very much the same. But there are many perks to playing online that you can’t get from a live hall (apart from being able to play in your PJs). Read on for more information about the unique features that we offer at Jackpotpoy

What Different Bingo Games Are There?

There are several bingo rooms for you to choose from, including 90-ball and 75-ball, as well as a selection of special games. At Jackpotjoy we are forever expanding our repertoire of online bingo games to ensure that we have the game for each and every one of our players.

90-ball Bingo Games

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75-ball Bingo Games

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General Bingo Rules

Bingo rules vary hugely depending if you’re playing online or in a land-based hall. This is largely due to the nature of the game and the environment in which you’re playing, which means that there’s actually very few online bingo rules! Rules differ between games, so be sure to check how to play the one that you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve purchased your bingo tickets and entered the room, the game will start at the designated time and begins when the first ball has been drawn. If the number appears on your card, it will be automatically crossed off for you and balls will continue to be drawn until all winning patterns have been awarded.

Why Play Online Bingo at Jackpotjoy?

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Online Bingo Game Features

We pride ourselves in creating a best-in-class experience for our players. This ranges from our phenomenal chat rooms and bingo app, to the exciting jackpots and daily promotions that we run.

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