How to Win Bingo: 9 Top Tips You Need to Know

Find out how you can increase your odds of winning a game of land-based or online bingo with our top bingo tips!
6th October 2022

How to Win Bingo: 9 Top Tips You Need to Know


How do you win a bingo game?

Whether you play bingo online or in a hall, it’s generally agreed that, for the most part, bingo is a game of luck. 

Most of us know how the game works; bingo balls marked with numbers are picked at random, and players mark thier tickets if the numbers match. The first lucky player – or players – to reach a line or full house will win a prize. 

Nobody knows which numbers will be called next, and everybody has a chance at winning. And that's what makes bingo so fun; total beginners can earn big sums, while bingo buffs can leave a game with nothing!

Whilst it's impossible to anticipate whether luck will be in your favour during a game of bingo, there are certain things players can do to increase their odds of winning. Read on to find out our top tips for how to win at bingo.

1. Find games with more ways to win

Bingo aficionados will know that, when it comes to online bingo, not all games are created equal. Different games have varying features, with some making it easier to win a prize than others. In Superlinks 75, for example, players can opt for a five-line version of the game, which offers five separate ways to win instead of the usual three. 

Here at Jackpotjoy, we run plenty of exclusive offers on our games, helping to increase your chances of winning. Browse our range of unique bingo games, and keep your eyes on our promotions page if you’re looking to snap up deals!

2. Play during off-peak hours to limit your competition

Depending on the type of game in play, multiple players might win prizes throughout a game of bingo for being the first person to a line, two lines or more. Usually, however, there is only one ultimate winner in a game of bingo. 

So, what exactly are we getting at here? The fewer players enrolled in each game, the higher your chances of winning – since you aren’t competing against as many people. 

Weekday mornings and afternoons are usually quieter – hence, less competitive – while weekends and evenings are our peak times. If you can spare the time, it might be worthwhile to join online bingo games when the competition is low. 

3. The more cards, the better!

It may sound simple, but ensuring you have a good number of cards when entering a bingo game will boost your chances of winning. If you're used to playing in a bingo hall, you might be concerned that you won't be able to keep up with the caller if you have more than one ticket to focus on. 

Fret not; our auto-daubing feature marks off your numbers for you, so you can play with more cards without having to scramble between tickets. At Jackpotjoy, you can buy bingo tickets from just 1p each, so you needn’t worry about breaking the bank when purchasing cards.

4. Give 75-ball bingo a try

Most bingo fans will be familiar with the 90-ball version of the game, but have you tried 75-ball bingo? As the name suggests, the 75-ball game uses, ahem, 75 balls, with cards displaying a 5x5 grid pattern. Because this variety plays with fewer balls, your chances of winning are considerably higher!

5. Become a savvy spender by splitting your bingo budget 

Ever heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? As well as carrying eggs home from the supermarket, this is also handy advice in the world of online bingo.

So, why not split your budget across games? If this is a tactic you want to take on, it is advisable to set a spending limit on-site to you can keep track of your spending across games with ease. And remember, we offer plenty of budget-friendly games, including a range of free bingo games, so anyone can tackle part in the fun.

Want further advice on how to stick to your budget? Take a look at our responsible gambling tools for a breakdown of how you can have fun and spend safely with Jackpotjoy.

6. Put Joseph E Granville's strategy to the test 

"How do you strategise when playing a game of probability?", we hear you ask, and it's a valid question. 

It's true, online bingo is a game of chance, but there are a few well-known theories out there as to how players can increase their odds of having the winning numbers. 

Financial writer and bingo fan Joseph E Granville came up with perhaps the most famous strategy for success. Granville believed that there were patterns to be found in the numbers called. Observing those patterns, he deduced that opting for bingo cards that feature the widest variety of final digits is the best strategy.  

By final digital, Granville means the 'ones' part of a two-digit number, rather than the 'tens' part. So for the number 23, the number 3 would be the 'ones' or 'final' digit. 

But don’t just take Granville’s word for it – try the strategy out in a game of 75-ball bingo and see for yourself whether your luck improves!

7. Lean on our bustling bingo community for top tips and tricks 

Here at Jackpotjoy, our members know that online bingo is all about making connections. 

In our chat feature, making friends is strongly encouraged, and many players have fun bonding over the game they love, as well as sharing their tips and tricks! Make friends in the bingo community, and you’re sure to learn new strategies, as well as find out about games, offers and promotions t

8. Struggle to keep up? Keep things simple when getting started

Online bingo players have it easy – there's no need to keep up with the caller during a game, as their numbers are automatically daubed off. Hurrah!

Mainly play in a bingo hall? Then it's not quite so simple... If land-based bingo is your thing, you'll know it can be a struggle to keep up with the caller, especially if you’re playing with multiple cards at once.

We suggest starting small and sitting closer to the front until you're up to speed. As you gain experience, your hand-eye coordination will improve and you’ll get quicker at marking off your cards. You'll be a pro in no time!.

9. Last but not least: don’t forget to have fun!

Okay – this one might not help you win, but it should still be an important pillar of every player’s personal bingo manifesto. We all know how good it feels to scoop a jackpot prize, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is while you’re there! 

At Jackpotjoy, we’re all about bringing the fun alongside the wins. We’re currently celebrating our twentieth year of creating wins, and in honour of our birthday, we’re rolling out an exciting range of new games and offers just for you! Head over to our promotions page to find out what’s on, and who knows – maybe you’ll even bag yourself a win!

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