Here's to 20 Years of Jackpotjoy!

We're celebrating our 20th birthday in style and you're invited to join the party.
30th September 2022

Here's to 20 Years of Jackpotjoy!


We’ve got some exciting news to share: Jackpotjoy is celebrating its twentieth birthday! That’s right – our humble website first launched back in 2002, and this year we celebrate twenty years of winners. How the time has flown!

Over the next few months, we’ll be celebrating in style with a range of new features, and we’re inviting you to join in the fun. Here on the website, we’ll be launching a series of fantastic new online bingo games, exclusive offers and promotions, and of course, chances for you to win. Everyone gets a present when it’s our birthday!

Celebrating 20 years of your wins

Celebrating is better when we do it together. Over the years, so many of you have won prizes big and small while playing online bingo here at Jackpotjoy. To commemorate twenty years of your wins, we thought we’d roll back the years and take a look at how some of you chose to spend your prize money:

  • Community spirit: Jackpotjoy members know that playing bingo is all about community – that’s why you love to make use of our chat feature to connect with fellow players. Some of you told us you donated a portion of your winnings to a good cause – for example a local foodbank. 
  • Practical spenders: Some winners chose to spend their hard-earned cash keeping on top of their household bills, fixing their car or even treating themselves to a new mattress for their bed. 
  • “Me time”: Many of our players spent their prize money on a well-earned treat for themselves, such as getting their hair done or buying new beauty products. We like to keep you looking fresh and fantastic!
  • Quality time: Several family oriented players opted to use their winnings to take their family for a nice meal, a fun day out. One player even took their family for a holiday. That’s a big win!

A Brand-New Bingo Room – Joy Bingo

To kick off our season of celebration, we’re inviting you to share the joy with our new bingo room: Joy Bingo. This fantastic new 90-ball bingo game is packed full of extra chances to win. 

Exclusive to Jackpotjoy, this festively-themed bingo room offers the chance to win a prize for achieving a line, two lines and a full house. As well as the regular prizes, Joy Bingo players can win an extra bonus for winning on specific numbers.


How can you win with Joy Bingo?

This game offers a prize to the first player to complete each of the following:

  • One line: when all the numbers on any horizontal line are marked off
  • Two lines: when all numbers on any two horizontal lines are marked off 
  • A full house: when you have successfully marked off every number on your ticket

Don’t worry about keeping up with the numbers – our Autoplay feature ensures that your cards will be marked off automatically, so you can give your bingo dauber a rest!

On top of the three prizes listed above, you will have the opportunity to win an extra 20% bonus with the Lucky Numbers Feature. This feature, which will be available once per game, could see you win an additional 20% on any win you achieve on a number between one and 20. If that wasn’t enough, there’ll be extra chances to win when you play at 20 minutes past or 40 minutes past the hour (for example, 1.20pm or 1.40pm)!

Joy Bingo Game Jackpots

There are two Jackpots up for grabs in Joy Bingo: the Super Jackpot, and the Community Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot is a fixed cash amount which will be awarded to the first player achieve a full house within 42 calls or less. With the Community Jackpot, 50% of the total prize will be shared between all players in the game, while the other 50% will go to the first player to get a full house. It’s all about sharing the Joy!


There’s a fantastic variety of online bingo games on offer here at Jackpotjoy. Just visit our online bingo page to start exploring!