Chat Games: How You Could Pocket a Win in Our Online Chat Rooms

Find out everything you need to know about our chat games and how you can have a chance to win while chatting!
27th June 2024

All you need to know about chat games!


Hey there chat enthusiasts, are you ready to join us in the exciting word of Chat games? Everyone loves a fun conversation while enjoying their favourite game and we're here to make it even better for you. We've added a gaming twist that gives you the chance to pocket a win while sharing a laugh in chat with your game pals. Let's find out how! 

How do Chat games and promotions work?

At Jackpotjoy our chat rooms are filled with joy and entertainment. To spice things up we've also added fantastic Chat games and promotions across different chat rooms throughout the day. Join us to see how you can have the chance to win prizes while chatting. 

How do I take part in the Chat games?

Taking part in our Chat games is easy and fun. Our fantastic Chat Hosts make sure that all our members have a chance to win, so they may vary the eligibility criteria for a win. Whether it's their call or part of a promotion listed on the Promotions page, Chat Hosts will give you all the criteria details at the start of each game.  

We love spreading good vibes and Chat comps are our way of sharing the joy with as many of you as possible. 

How many Chat games can I win?

So, you can win one Chat game every 24 hours in a rolling period. This keeps wins fair and helps us reward even more players. Plus, there are still opportunities to win further Chat bonuses in other Chat Promotions during the day. 

Everyone is invited to play our games; you can still play for fun if you have already won. The number of Room comps you can receive is unlimited if you are only in one room at a time. Please be aware that being in more than one Chat Room at a time ('multi-rooming') can mean that wins from any of the Chat games are not applied to your balance. 

If you are currently on a Chat win restriction the above will not apply to you as you are unable to win any cash credits in Chat for the duration of your restriction. 

What type of Chat games do we offer?

  • Media Games: These are games which appear at the top of the Chat window, and you can interact by clicking or moving things in the game window, playing different skill games for the chance to win a prize! 
  • Non-Media Games: These are games which the Host devises, such as quizzes where you can participate by typing the answers into the Chat Rooms. 
  • Room credits: From time-to-time, our Hosts may credit all the members within a room with a small cash credit to spread the luck, have a bit of extra fun, or to celebrate a particularly large win a member has had. 

What is a Chat win restriction?

Our Chat games should be played with the spirit of fairness in mind. To ensure everyone enjoys their time within our Chat rooms, we believe that all wins from Chat games should be spread amongst as many members as possible. 

As part of these efforts and in response to overwhelming feedback, we may take the decision to restrict credits from being applied to a small number of members' accounts. This would prevent our members from receiving any cash credits from our Chat Games for a short period of time. 

Why have I had my Chat wins restricted?

To ensure that everyone has a chance of winning, a member may have their credits restricted for a short period of time if they have received a number of these in a short space of time. All accounts are reviewed by our Chat Team and if the decision is made to restrict your wins, a member of our Chat Management Team will email to advise further. 

The Chat Hosts and the Customer Support Teams are not involved in this decision and are unable to advise further on it. 

Chat games aren't just a great way to have a chance to pocket a win while chatting; it's a great way to expand the joy of your favourite game and interact with more game enthusiasts like you! 

Ready to chat, play, and have a chance to win? Join us in the chat rooms and let the games begin.