Meet Our Fabulous Chat Hosts

Get to know the people who make our online community a safe and fun place to play.
3rd January 2024

Meet Our Fabulous Chat Hosts


One of our favourite things about Jackpotjoy is the incredible online community of players. Thanks to our free chat feature, all our players can get together and enjoy a natter while taking a game for a spin. It doesn't matter if you're a bingo-fan or live casino is more your cup of tea, all our members are welcome to join the conversation here at Jackpotjoy! 

Pop into any of our chat rooms and you'll soon meet our brilliant hosts, who we task with the very important job of keeping the conversation fun and safe for everyone involved. From answering questions to sharing their very best jokes for a good giggle, our hosts are always ready to say 'hi' and help out. They even run regular chat games and live shows, where players can win exciting prizes!  

It goes without saying that our hosts do an incredible job of making Jackpotjoy a fun place to play online. But who are these wonderful people? Join the chat or read on to find out for yourself. 


What inspired you to become a chat host? 

I have a degree in Drama and Literature, so when I saw how fun the live shows looked, I just wanted to be a part of it all! I landed the job as a host. That was nearly six years ago and I'm a senior host now, working on the shows and joining in with the chat as much as I can. 

How would our players describe you? 

When I was in high school, my father went to one parent's evening. He sat down with my teacher, who looked at him and said, “Landon's got a very dry sense of humour, hasn't he?”. And my father just sighed and said “yes”. That's the proudest I've ever been. And I think the players would say that as well. They know I'm quite dry, so they know what I'm like and we have some good jokes. 

Can players talk about anything in chat? 

We generally like to keep things positive and friendly in chat, but sometimes people do need to vent about something (we all know how frustrating the school traffic can be!) and that's totally OK - these are their friends, and they want to let them know about what’s going on in their life. We're not going to shut people down unless they're being rude or breaking the rules.

Our players know they can always come and talk to us on-site. We look out for our players as much as we can and sometimes all they need is just someone to talk to.  

Have you learnt anything in our chat rooms? 

Bingo lingo! Yeah, 'TTFN' was the one that got me, because I hadn't heard it before. Turns out it’s 'Ta ta for now'. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to join chat for the first time? 

Remember chat is open to all our players! It's a group conversation, so anyone can join in. If you have any questions, then pop a message in the chat – that’s what we're here for. Chances are that another player will have the answer anyway. Most people help each other out in our chat rooms. 

Do you have any special promotions that you like to run in chat? 

Yeah, 'Landon’s Little Teasers', which is essentially a quiz. During lockdown, we were filming from our homes for the live shows, so I came up with Landon’s Little Teasers, which was just me coming out of a random place in my house in a suit. I'd start the show by walking out of the wardrobe saying, “Oh hello, you're here for Landon's Little Teasers”, for example. It was a bit of fun that turned into a five-question quiz that we pop into the chat every now and then, with some little prizes available to the winners. 


What's a fun fact about you? 

I've been chatting to Jackpotjoy players since 2011 – that's over a decade of being a host! 

What is your favourite part of being a host? 

The players. Just talking to the players, getting to know them and hoping that your chats are making their day a little bit better than what it already was for some of them. 

We have a great community here, so when players come on-site, they're like an online family.  

What would surprise people to know about your job? 

Just how much fun it is to talk, have a laugh and enjoy a natter with our players every day. And our live shows are great. We have the players live on the shows with us, so they're taking part in the game that we're playing on the show.  

Take the Blank It to Win It show - players have to fill in the blanks on the words, while myself and the other hosts are bouncing off each other and getting the players to join in. 

What’s your favourite memory at Jackpotjoy? 

The time we launched a 50-foot rubber duck down the Thames. It was part of a campaign encouraging people to have more fun and we actually had Barbara Windsor DBE christen the duck as it set off on its voyage! We were live streaming it on the Jackpotjoy site and inviting players to go watch.  

Do you have any favourite games on-site? 

I love the poker games here. The ideas that our poker people come up with are brilliant and they're always in the chat rooms talking to the players asking for feedback and suggestions. 


How did you become a chat host? 

I've always been chatty. I used to be a hairdresser, but I fell out of love with it during lockdown, and my partner suggested joining Jackpotjoy as a host because I talk so much! My family actually say, “Do you ever shut up?”, but the answer is that I don't really.  

How would players describe your personality? 

I think they'd say I'm super energetic, friendly and a bit cheeky. I love having a good joke with the players and just enjoying a natter with them. 

What’s the best part of being a chat host? 

Sharing all the funny stories! I love hearing a funny story and, if something happens to me, then I always think “Oh, that would be great to share in chat!”. But I love having a normal conversation too. You do get to know like the players, their families and what's going on with them.

What was the first bingo game you ever played? 

The first time I ever played bingo was in a land-based bingo hall. I went with my mum for the first time. The top prize was something like £1000 but the balls were coming out really fast and it was the first time I had ever played, so I didn't realise I had got a full house until too late. My mum banned me from going with her after that! 

What games would you recommend trying at Jackpotjoy? 

Personally, I love Slingo! It's like bingo, but it's actually a slot, so it's a bit different. I also like Bubble Up Bingo because it has two feature rounds in it. There's a prize for winning on a '7' and another prize for winning on a double number. 



Why did you decide to become a chat host? 

I had family working here! They invited me to join, so I did. It's like a big family here with all the chat hosts, so it's a great atmosphere to be a part of. 

Do you have any tips for players looking to join a chat for the first time?  

Have a look at one of those quieter rooms to start off with if you feel shy. Don’t think that all the chat rooms are really busy all the time, because they're not. There are quieter rooms that you can go into to try chatting for the first time. It's a good way to get to know the host and get used to it all. 

What can players talk about? 

You can enjoy a joke or just chat about anything, from the latest antics from the kids to the how the cats are doing. The chat rooms are very friendly. We even get mums and daughters playing the same bingo game and chatting together. You often hear “Pass on my love to so and so”, where people have become friends. 

How do you like to kick off a conversation? 

I'm known for my dad jokes with players and the other hosts. I love a good pun. I once spent 45 minutes in a room exchanging jokes with players!  

What's your best joke? 

It's another dad joke but my favourite joke is this one… My wife recently left me because I’m obsessed with pasta. Now I'm feeling cannelloni! 


What is the best part of being a host? 

I would say my favourite part of the job is the community. The community here is so unique to this job. You get to know the players and they get to know you. 

What top tip would you give to new players? 

Just join in! You can join the chat with a “Hi” maybe or just wade into the conversation. There's no pressure at all - it's all on you. If you want to join in, then that's amazing, otherwise it's there for when you are ready. 

How do you keep the conversation going? 

I like to throw in information about things that I have read online or listened to recently, which always gets a conversation flowing. Players do know me as being a bit cheeky, so sometimes I like to make up a fake fact, like “You aren't allowed black towels in swimming pools, because they will explode”, just to see how imaginative people get with their debates – that's always a good bit of fun that players like to get involved with.  

Do you have a favourite memory at Jackpotjoy? 

Aside from making some really good friends with the other hosts, having some cracking chats with some lovely players, and hosting quizzes that go so chaotically off the rails that they're just brilliant entertainment (!), I have one stand-out memory. A player reached out to me to say “I don’t chat at all but I have it open and your chats always make my day. Over the last few years, you have been brilliant, thank you very much.”. That was really nice to hear.  

If you could play only one game at Jackpotjoy, what would it be? 

Session Bingo. What’s not to like?! 

Other than that, I quite like Secrets of the Phoenix or Double Bubble. Secrets of the Phoenix has some really cool graphics, while Double Bubble is like the margherita pizza of the world – you just know what you're getting. 

Fancy hearing more of Georgio's jokes (we know you love a dad joke, really!), or would you like to take part in our next Blank It to Win It live show? Become a Jackpotjoy member and you can chat to our fabulous hosts and get stuck in for yourself.  

Remember, it's free to use our live chat feature, so you can still enjoy a natter even if you aren't wagering. There's always someone ready to say 'hello' at Jackpotjoy! 

Get more information over on Jackpotjoy blog, where you can also find essential bingo information, like our Bingo Lingo guide (looking at you, Landon!) and roundups of the best bingo games available to play.