Bingo 80: The Brand New Game Giving Us Retro Vibes

13th October 2022

Bingo 80: The Brand New Game Giving Us Retro Vibes

A brand new bingo game on Jackpotjoy

From September onwards, we're bringing the nostalgia factor with our fabulous new 80-ball bingo game, Bingo 80. It’s going to be an instant classic!

Here's everything you need to know about our new bingo game, from how to play to how you can score those big wins.

What is Bingo 80?

Bingo 80 is very similar to our 75 and 90-ball bingo titles, so if you’re a fan of those, you’re off to a good start! The difference is that 80-ball bingo is played using 80 balls rather than the traditional 90.  It’s particularly common in land-based bingo – the game you play in a bingo hall physical space rather than online – and is sometimes referred to as shutter bingo. This is because in bingo halls it would be played with a wooden board, and players would “shutter” off their called numbers with counters. 

This revamped classic is all about the nostalgia factor, featuring a vibrant and exciting 1980s theme complete with neon colours and pixelated designs. It’s also jam-packed full of fantastic features, including the fabulous Magic 80 jackpot prize!

Why play 80-ball bingo?

Aside from being played with 80 balls, this version of the game will typically be slightly shorter than its 90-ball game counterparts. Great for playing on the go! There are still three prizes up for grabs in each game, however, so there’s no missing out on ways to win.

Another aspect of what makes these games special is that they start at four-minute intervals rather than five, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for the game to start if you miss the starting window. This way, you can play more of what you love.

What can I win playing Bingo 80?

We’ll give out prizes for the first line and house in each game. On top of that, a fabulous progressive jackpot is also up for grabs in every single game! If a house is won on the number 80, the Magic 80 Jackpot will be awarded on top of the prize line win value. The jackpot will grow in value every time it isn't given out in a game, so there's potential for big wins!

How can I win a game of 80-ball bingo?

Playing 80-ball bingo is easy, and very similar to playing other online bingo games. The aim is to be the first player to achieve a line or a full house. Don’t worry about keeping up with the bingo caller - if the auto-play feature is enabled, numbers will automatically be marked off for you. Anything you win will be automatically accredited to your account, too, so you can just sit back, relax, and have a natter with your fellow players in the chat!

Is there a minimum ticket purchase for this game?

You can play 80-ball bingo with a single ticket. However, please note that only tickets featuring the number 80 can win the Magic 80 jackpot prize. Naturally, the more tickets that are purchased, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot.

What times can I play?

The game is open from 7am – 11pm GBT every day of the week, so whether you prefer to play with a morning cuppa or a late-night tipple, there’s a game for you!

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