Can You Play Bingo Online for Real Money?

Looking for the chance to scoop a real money bingo prize? Read on to learn about all the different ways you could win cash at Jackpotjoy.
14th March 2024

Good news, cash lovers!


If you're new to the wonderful world of online bingo games, then you may be wondering if it's possible to win real money while enjoying a virtual dab. Well, strap in because we've got some exciting news for you! 

Here at Jackpotjoy, we're big fans of bingo. Not to shout our own praises too much, but our online bingo games offer all the best bits of playing bingo in a land-based hall, just from the comfort of your home. We're talking amazing chat hosts, the option to enjoy a natter with your fellow players and (best of all) plenty of chances to win a real money prize pot. 

Keep reading to find out how you could pocket some real money while playing bingo online. 

How to play online bingo for cash  

As an award-winning bingo site (did you know we won Best Proprietary Bingo Site in the BingoPort's Player Choice Awards?), we have a huge variety of bingo games available to play here at Jackpotjoy.  

From traditional 90-ball bingo titles to exciting new games, such as our Poker-inspired Snap Bingo room, there is plenty for our members to choose from. And they all offer the chance to bag some cash! All you need to do is sign up and take your pick to get started.  

Winning a cash prize in bingo is simple. You just need to land a win, as per the rules of the game. The exact rules can change depending on the game you're playing, but the main aim of any bingo game is to mark off as many numbers on your tickets as possible by matching them with the numbered balls drawn.  

To win a prize, you need to be the first player to mark off a whole line (this can be in any direction you like as long as it's a complete line), two lines or even all the numbers on the ticket. The mathematicians in the crowd will spot that means there are roughly three  chances to bag a win during an average game of bingo. So, even if you only manage to score a one-line win, you'll still pocket some cash at the end of the game.   

Whatever you win during online bingo will be added at to your account balance at the end of the game. Once your balance reaches £10, you'll be able to withdraw your money to use as you like! 

Check out our real money jackpots 

If you're looking for a really exciting winning moment, then be sure to check out our online bingo jackpots. These incredible cash prizes are usually available on top of the traditional bingo prizes, meaning there could be more than three chances to win real money in a game of online bingo. 

There are two types of bingo jackpots available to play for here at Jackpotjoy: Fixed and Progressive. Both types work in a different way and can be worth different amounts depending on the game. One thing is for sure though, they're usually worth more than a regular bingo prize. Take our Super Jackpot, for example. Available to players in our Superlinks rooms, this fixed jackpot prize is worth a whopping £10,000-£20,000. 

And that's not the biggest jackpot available for members to win! We have lots of opportunities for our online bingo players to claim the title of 'Jackpot Winner' and scoop an amazing real money prize. In fact, in 2023 alone, we paid out 10,261 jackpots, worth £8,583,762 overall. Phew. That's a lot of cash. 

Don't forget about our free bingo games

Fancy the chance to win some real money prizes in a free game of bingo? In addition to our regular bingo collection, we also have two free bingo games available to play here at Jackpotjoy, both offering the chance to scoop a cash prize.  

To get your hands on tickets for Play Off Palace Daily and Play Off Palace Weekly, you need to win a one-line, two-line or Full House prize in a qualifying game of Sapphire Bingo or Session Bingo. Don't forget to claim your tickets at least 30 minutes before the Play Off Palace game starts – if you don't claim your tickets in this time, then you won't be able to join in the fun.  

Just like the rest of our fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) bingo games, Play Off Palace Daily and Play Off Palace Weekly offer a brilliant opportunity to win real money prizes. Both of these games are exclusive to Jackpotjoy, though, so you need to be a member to join in. 

Bingo may hold a special place in our hearts here, but that doesn’t mean you can't win real money in other ways when you play at Jackpotjoy. From our fast-paced online slot games to friendly Cash+ poker tables, there are plenty of chances for our members to win cash prizes. Just sign up to see for yourself.  

For more bingo tips and online guides, head over to our blog, where you can also find the latest Jackpotjoy news.