Moon Princess 100

Moon Princess 100, the sequel to Moon Princess, offers more chances to discover symbols, multipliers, free spins and more! 

    Moon Princess 100 Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Moon Princess 100 range from 20p to £10.

    Betting in this game uses single line, multi-directional slots. 

    Winning combinations 

    You will find winning combinations throughout the duration of the game. 

    A winning combination occurs when three or more symbols across adjacent positions. 

    Combinations will be removed after being collected. 

    The remaining symbols will drop down from the top of the reels to create other potential winning combinations. 

    When a winning combination of three symbols is removed from the grid, a Wild Symbol will appear in the central reel location. 

    A win multiplier is increased at every new drop. 

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols can replace all other symbols. 

    Wild symbols can only be created and become visible in the middle of the reel. 

    You will be awarded with a Wild symbol when a winning combination is removed. 

    Wild symbols will be removed once no other symbols are remaining - the whole grid will become empty. 

    Girl Power Feature 

    Every time there is a non-winning spin, the Girl Power feature may be triggered. 

    The Girl Power ability and award will depend on which active princess is activated. 

    • Love: This converts one set of symbols into another symbol 
    • Star: This power can add one or two Wild symbols to the grid
    • Storm: This will remove two sets of symbols from the grid

    The game will proceed with a random Princess, with a fixed ability. 

    The active Princess changes after each Girl Power activation. 

    Princess Trinity Feature

    Once the on-screen meter's three sections have been completely filled, the Trinity feature will be triggered. 

    The meter requires winning combinations with Princess symbols. 

    Winning combinations containing Wild symbols can also be used to fill the meter. 

    • Combinations of X5 fill the meter with 3 sections
    • Combinations of X4 fill the meter with 2 sections
    • Combinations of X3 fill the meter with 1 section

    One free round is awarded for completely filling the meter when no further wins are achieved. 

    The win multiplier will reset. 

    On each symbol drop that doesn't provide a winning combination, a Girl Power will perform - this will end once all three princesses have performed their unique performance. 

    The order of Girl Powers will always be the same - Love, Star and Storm. 

    At the end of the feature, the active princess will return back to the princess that was active throughout the triggering spin. 

    Free Spins

    If you clear the entire grid of symbols during the round, you will trigger Free Spins only - no instant prizes can be won. 

    You must choose one of the three princesses before the Free Spins feature begins. 

    You will be awarded a certain number of initial spins depending on the chosen princess.

    • Love awards four initial spins 
    • Star awards five initial spins 
    • Strom awards eight initial spins

    The win multiplier that is carried over from the Trinity feature can grow up to x100. 

    The selected Girl Power will trigger on every non-winning spin. 

    The Princess Trinity feature cannot be triggered during Free Spins. 

    Also, it is possible to be awarded more additional spins once the meter is fully charged. 

    • Love awards four additional spins 
    • Star awards three additional spins 
    • Storm awards two additional free spins

    You could gain up to 100 free spins! 

    Instant Prizes

    Excluding during the Trinity feature, you can win an instant prize if you completely clear the grid of symbols. 

    The instant prize award is 50x the total bet multiplied by the active win multiplier at the current time of completing the grid. 

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 94.20%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.20.