Lucky Leprechaun Clusters

Lucky Leprechaun Clusters

Play Lucky Leprechaun Clusters to unlock Wilds, winning symbols, multipliers and more!

    Lucky Leprechaun Clusters Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Lucky Leprechaun Clusters range from 20p to £50.  

    This game uses the Cluster Pays mechanic.


    Cluster Rules

    A winning cluster combination involves at least five of the dame symbol type. 

    To form a cluster, symbols must be adjacent to each other, either horizontally or vertically. 

    Clusters can exist anywhere on the grid.

    Cluster wins are multiplied by the Coins wager. 

    Wild Rules

    There are three Wild symbols in this game. 

    All Wild symbols can be used as substitutes for all other symbols. 

    Different Wild symbols can be involved within the same cluster. 

    Base Games Rules

    All winning symbols involved in cluster wins are removed from the gird once the winning combinations are awarded.

    New symbols will replace the old symbols. 

    Every winning symbol contributes to the Feature Meter:

    • Collecting symbols in the Feature Meter unlocks reel features
    • Features include; Pots 'o Gold, Rainbow Road, Lucky Coin and Shamrock Shake
    • 21 symbols are required for each feature to be unlocked


    Clovers Rules

    One each spin, Ace, King, Queen or Jack will have a Clover attached to them. 

    If that symbol is involved in a winning cluster, then at lease one Clover Wild will remain in the position of that symbol. 

    Lucky Charms Rules

    The Lucky Charm feature may trigger whenever a non-winning spin occurs. 

    If the feature is triggered, either the Ace, King, Queen or Jack symbol will duplicate on-screen.

    The symbol cannot duplicate itself if a matching symbol is involved in its direction.  

    Sometimes the symbol cannot duplicate due to being surrounded by other symbols of the same type. 

    Pots O' Gold Rules

    This feature is activated through the feature meter. 

    Once activated, 2-6 Wild Pots are added to the screen. 

    Symbols directly adjacent to the Wild Pot symbol are removed and new symbols may fall into the grid. 

    Existing Wild symbols will not be removed during this feature. 

    Rainbow Road Rules

    Activate this feature by filling the feature meter. 

    During the Rainbow Road feature, a Wild Pot is added to the grid in a random position. 

    The symbols to the left, right, above and below the Wild Pot symbol are removed. 

    A maximum of four Wild symbols will fill the spaces in random positions on the 'Road'.

    Existing Wild symbols will not be removed whilst playing this feature. 

    Lucky Coins Rules

    Filling the feature meter will trigger the Lucky Coins feature. 

    A maximum of 15 high or low symbols will be added to the screen in random positions. 

    Pre-existing Wild symbols cannot be removed. 


    Shamrock Shake Rules

    This feature is unlocked through the feature meter. 

    Four of the high or low symbols are selected to be removed from the grid. 

    A random multiplier with a value ranging from 1x to 3x will activate. 

    If the selected multiplier has a value of 2x or 3x, the multiplier will be shown throughout the game. 

    The multiplier will remain active until the next feature begins.

    Symbols are removed from the grid individually. 

    Removing all four symbol types may display the multiplier. 

    Trail O' Fortune Bonus Game Rules

    Collecting at least 125 winning symbols will unlock the Trail O' Fortune bonus game. 

    You will be awarded with four spins at the start of the feature. 

    The wheel will determine the number of steps you may take on the trail. 

    If you land on a rainbow, them you will travel across it and land on the connected position above. 

    You can be granted an additional spin if you land on a secret potion. 

    The maximum multiplier available to win is 1,500x. 

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.08%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.08 of wins.