Happily Ever After

Escape the Big Bad Wolf or climb Rapunzel's tower in the Happily Ever After slot game.

There are four unique bonus games on offer in this magical game.

Move along the bonus trail for the chance to embark on an amazing fairytale adventure!

    Happily Ever After Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Happily Ever After range from 20p to £10.

    Play with up to 50 paylines in this slot.

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols in the game.

    If a line win can be formed, Wilds will override other symbols to complete the win.


    Happy Endings Multipliers

    There are two values visible above the reels with each spin: the Win Threshold and the Happy Ending Multiplier Value.

    If a spin results in a win equal to or greater than the Win Threshold, the Happy Ending multiplier will be applied to your win!

    These values are random, and will change with each spin.

    Happy Endings Bonus Trail

    Below the reels, you'll see the Happy Endings Bonus Trail.

    You can move along the trail by finding Arrow symbols on the reels. 

    Each Arrow symbol displays a number, indicated by how many steps you will move on the trail.

    There are two trails, a left and a right-hand side trail. Arrows can move you in either direction.

    Depending on where you land on the trail, you'll have the opportunity to play one of five fabulous bonus games!

    If you land on the fourth step on the trail, you'll receive one of four boosts:

    Trail BoostBoosts your progress on the trail towards the nearest Bonus.
    Number ArrowYou'll be moved forwards by up to four steps.
    Add AgainDoubles the number of arrows currently in view.
    Trail StopperYou'll be moved to a random position.

    Big Red's Wolf Hunt Bonus

    If you reach position 9 on the left trail, you'll unlock the Big Red's Wolf Hunt Bonus.

    Move using the red arrows to collect Cash prizes, represented by Coin symbols.

    If you land on the Woodcutter's cabin, your winnings will be multiplied! After this, the game will end.

    Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf prowling around in this game - running into him will end the bonus.

    Hansel and Gretal's Witch Hunt Bonus

    Land on section 9 of the right trail to trigger this bonus.

    Move around the forest using the yellow arrows.

    Collect Coin symbols to receive cash prizes!

    Your goal in this bonus is to reach the Gingerbread House, which will multiply your winnings and return you to the base game.

    Watch out for the spooky witch! If she catches you, your bonus will come to an end.

    Rapunzel's Cash Climb Bonus

    If you land on section 8 on the left trail, you'll be taken through to this bonus game.

    Select bricks in to reveal cash prizes and multipliers as you climb your way to the top of Rapunzel's tower.

    The higher you climb, the bigger the prizes on offer!

    Snow White's Magic Mirrors Bonus

    Reach position 8 on the right trail to unlock the Snow White's Magic Mirrors bonus.

    Click on mirrors to uncover mystery cash prizes and multiplier values!

    If a mirror reveals a reflection, you'll advance up a level, where you can expect to find even bigger prizes!

    Happily Ever After Free Spins

    Reach the end of either side of the trail and you'll trigger the Free Spins bonus!

    You'll be awarded 10 free spins to start.

    Moving along the trail during Free Spins can trigger more spins.

    With each free spin, the win multiplier will increase in value.

    All bonus wins will be multiplied by the win mutliplier value!


    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 95.61%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.61 of wins.