Carnival Cow Coin Combo

Take a spin on the reels with the Carnival Cow Coin Combo slot game and you could win one of four fabulous jackpot prizes!

    Carnival Cow Coin Combo Game Overview

    Betting sizes in this game range from 22p to £7.88. 

    Betting is fixed at 243 paylines in this slot.

    Wild Symbols

    Tree symbols represent Wild symbols in this game. 

    Tree symbols can land on Reels 2-4 during the base game, and they will substitute for any other symbol apart from Element Coin symbols. 

    Element Coin Symbols

    Three different bowls will be visible above the reels in this game - a blue, red and green bowl.

    When an Element Coin symbols lands on the reels in the base game it will be collected in its corresponding coloured bowl.

    Each bowl corresponds to a special feature:

    • Blue Bowl - Cow Feature
    • Green Bowl - Cow Feature
    • Red Bowl - Jackpot Feature

    When one or more bowls are triggered (this can happen at random), that feature will be triggered, too.

    Cow Feature 

    Depending on which bowl(s) triggered the Cow feature in the base game, you will be taken through to one of six possible versions of the game:

    Triggering Bowl(s)
    Cow Feature Game
    Blue and GreenSuper
    Blue and RedUltra
    Green and RedSupreme
    Blue, Green and RedUltimate

    At the beginning of the game, a number of coin symbols will be placed on the reels at random. 

    The number of Coin symbols that appear, as well as the size of the reels you'll play on, will depend on which version of the bonus you're playing:

    Game Version
    Number of Coin Symbols
    Reel Size
    Mighty or Ultra65x3
    Mega or Supreme85x4
    Super or Ultimate105x5

    Each version of the game will start by awarded three free spins.

    Regular Coin symbols are sticky in the Cow feature, meaning they will remain on the reels throughout the round.

    Regular Coin symbols will reveal either a jackpot prize or a random cash prize!

    Green Coin Symbols

    Green Coin symbols can appear during the Cow feature. 

    Any time a Green Coin appears, the number of free spins you have remaining will reset!

    These symbols will be evaluated individually before paying out.

    Jackpot Feature

    This feature will start with 15 coins being shown on-screen.

    Each coin will reveal an Upgrade symbol or a Fu Baby symbol.

    There are four categories of Fu Baby symbols, each representing a different jackpot prize.

    Reveal three matching Fu Baby symbols to win the corresponding prize.

    If you reveal three Upgrade symbols before you reveal three Fu Babies, the prize you win will be upgraded by one. 

    If you win the Grand Jackpot after revealing three Upgrade symbols, it will be awarded twice!

    Red Mystery Envelope Bonus

    This bonus can activate at random during the base game. 

    A cash value will appear on top of a red envelope on the screen.

    The prize will be awarded, and you will return to standard play. 


    Buy Pass™ Feature

    With the Buy Pass feature, you can choose to activate the Mighty, Mega or Super version of the Cow Bonus for a price.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.00%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.00 of wins.