10,001 Nights

Play the slot game 10,001 Nights and you could win a whole range of prizes, including a Progressive Jackpot, Mega Wilds and Imperial Spins! 

    10,001 Nights Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in 10,001 Nights range from 20p to £10.  

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines. 

    Feature Lamps

    Fill the four Feature Lamps and you will unlock their respective features: Imperial Spins; Random Wilds; Multi-Pick and Mega Wilds. 

    This is done by collecting Oil Lamp symbols - each time one lands it will progressively fill the Feature Lamps. 

    Oil Lamp symbols can land on any spin and will continue to be collected until all features have been unlocked.

    Should one land, it will be added to the Feature Lamp meter before disappearing from the reels (this results in fewer Oil Lamps being available on subsequent spins). 

    To unlock features, you need to collect the following number of Oil Lamp symbols:

    • First Stage - six Oil Lamps required. This will unlock the Imperial Spin feature
    • Second Stage - a further seven Oil Lamps required (13 in total). This will unlock the Random Wilds feature
    • Third Stage - a further eight Oil Lamps required (21 in total). This will unlock the Multi-Pick feature
    • Fourth Stage - a further nine Oil Lamps required (30 in total). This will unlock the Mega Wilds feature

    Each time a feature is unlocked, it will trigger on the next spin at the same stake; if more than one feature is unlocked on a single spin, those features will trigger in the same spin. 

    Once a feature has been unlocked, it can trigger at random on any spin from then on at that stake. 

    Imperial Spin

    If triggered, all low-paying symbols will be removed from the reels - only high-paying symbols will be able to land on that spin.

    Random Wilds

    A random number of Wild symbols will appear on the reels. 


    Multi-Pick gives you the chance to win a multiplier

    Three cards will appear on the screen when triggered - each one is attached to a different win multiplier, which you won't be able to see.

    You need to choose a card to reveal your prize - whichever multiplier you choose will be applied to your next win.

    • If the multiplier is active before you enter the Destiny Spins feature, the multiplier will be applied to the first win that occurs
    • If a multiplier is active at the end of Destiny Spins, it will be applied to the next win that occurs after the bonus round has finished

    Mega Wilds

    This will add at least one 1x4 Mega Wild symbol to the reels.

    Destiny Spins

    Land three or more Destiny Spins symbols to trigger Free Spins. 

    Free Spins

    The number of free spins awarded depends on the number of Destiny Spins symbols present:

    • Three symbols = eight bonus spins
    • Four symbols = 10 bonus spins 
    • Five symbols (the maximum amount possible) = 12 bonus spins

    It's possible to re-trigger Free Spins by landing more Destiny Spins symbols during the feature:

    • Three symbols = another six bonus spins
    • Four symbols = another seven bonus spins 
    • Five symbols (the maximum amount possible) = another eight bonus spins

    Daily Jackpots

    Discover what jackpots you could win in 10,001 Nights on our Daily Jackpots page. 

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 90.71% + 3% jackpot contribution. 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £90.71 of wins, plus the chance to win the jackpot.