Celebrate National Bingo Day in Style with 30 Days of Live Shows

We're extending the fun of National Bingo Day with a whole month of celebrations, and we want you to join in the action!
23rd May 2024

30 Days of June: 30 Days of Bingo Fun!


Get your calendars out, find June 27th and circle it – then circle it again. This year's National Bingo Day is being held on June 27th and we wouldn't want you to miss it! As possibly the biggest bingo fans out there (we really love bingo), we've decided that just one day isn't nearly enough time to celebrate bingo as it deserves, which is why we're announcing a whole month of bingo fun.  

So, say hello to June: National Bingo Month of 2024. We've got a jam-packed itinerary of fun in store for you, including a Jackpotjoy live show streaming every single day of the month, plus plenty of prizes available to win. 

That's 30 days in a row of live shows! Phew, you better put the kettle on while we fill you in on the details. 

What is National Bingo Day? 

Never heard of National Bingo Day before? Where have you been?! The name is a sure-fire giveaway for newbies, because, simply put, National Bingo Day is the official day to celebrate the wonderful game that is bingo. Fans can celebrate its impressive history, enjoy a dab (or two!), or get together to host a bingo-themed party - whatever you like, as long as it's bingo-related. 

The event originally began in the USA, but fans in the UK soon picked up on the fun, so now National Bingo Day is a formally recognised celebration in the UK too.  After all, with super simple rules that everyone can understand and a wonderful community element, bingo is a hugely popular game around the world, with plenty of players wanting to shine the spotlight on the game. 

30 days of June means 30 days of live shows  

Jackpotjoy members or followers of our Facebook page are sure to have heard of our live shows. After all, they are the stuff of legends. Packed full of mini games and chances to enjoy a winning moment, our live shows have been an amazing source of entertainment for our players since 2015. That's nearly ten years of live shows! 

We usually host a live show every week, with extra shows added to the schedule for special occasions (such as National Bingo Day). Last year's National Bingo Day bash saw us extend the live fun for a whole week, with hundreds of winners and prizes given away. This year, we're turning up the wow-factor, with a month-long schedule of live shows streaming direct from our Sapphire Bingo room. There'll be over 2,000 players getting to experience an incredible winning moment, and plenty of laughs to be had. 

Take a peek at what we've got lined up below: 

Show Name
Start Time
Saturday 1st JuneWinning Link8pmSapphire room
Sunday 2nd JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Monday 3rd JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Tuesday 4th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Wednesday 5th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Thursday 6th JuneBingo on the Loose8pmSapphire room
Friday 7th JuneBlank It to Win It8pmSapphire room
Saturday 8th JuneWinning Link8pmSapphire room
Sunday 9th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Monday 10th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Tuesday 11th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Wednesday 12th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Thursday 13th JuneBingo on the Loose8pmSapphire room & Facebook
Friday 14th JuneBlank It to Win It8pmSapphire room
Saturday 15th JuneWinning Link8pmSapphire room
Sunday 16th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Monday 17th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Tuesday 18th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Wednesday 19th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Thursday 20th JuneBingo on the Loose8pmSapphire room & Facebook
Friday 21st JuneBlank It to Win It8pmSapphire room
Saturday 22nd JuneWinning Link8pmSapphire room
Sunday 23rd JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Monday 24th JuneQuiz It 8pmSapphire room
Tuesday 25th JuneQuiz It8pmSapphire room
Wednesday 26th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room
Thursday 27th JuneBingo on the Loose Special8pmSapphire room
Friday 28th JuneBlank It to Win It8pmSapphire room
Saturday 29th JuneWinning Link8pmSapphire room
Sunday 30th JuneChat-O-Radio8pmSapphire room

Winning Link Live 

Join us every Saturday evening at 8pm for a general knowledge quiz with a twist! Play along for the chance to win cash prizes, but make sure you pay attention because all the questions share a common link. Work out the link for the chance to bag even bigger prizes. 

Quiz It 

Quiz hats at the ready for Quiz It at 8pm every Monday and Tuesday this June for our general knowledge quiz with more cash prizes up for grabs. 


Every Sunday and Wednesday in June, we'll be hitting the airwaves in Sapphire with Chat-o-Radio Live. 

Join some of your favourite hosts from 8pm for an hour of topical chit chat and a selection of games with cash prizes on the table. Plus, we'll be playing Bingo to Go on every game during the hour, giving you additional chances to win on your Sapphire Bingo tickets. 

Blank It to Win It Live 

Get ready for Blank It to Win It to hit your screens at 8pm every Friday this month. It's the much-loved gameshow that turns BLANKS into cash prizes. Fill in the missing words for the chance to win and be sure to listen out for the Winning Minute Claxon where we'll be making even more winners! 

Bingo on the Loose 

Possibly our favourite show on the itinerary, Bingo on the Loose is a live show kicking off at 8pm on Thursdays, which will see some of our chat hosts take on a series of challenges for your entertainment. If you guess the outcome correctly, then you could bag a cash prize! 

And, since Bingo on the Loose falls on the big day (that's Thursday 27th June in case you've forgotten already), we're going to be keeping the fun going with an extra long show packed with special features. 

If you haven't taken part in our live shows before, then block out your calendars, stock up on some tasty snacks and get settled in for an evening full of entertainment! 


We've got some special offers in store for you 

Here at Jackpotjoy, we love creating winners. In fact, we create a winner every minute*! And to celebrate National Bingo Day, we're rolling out even more special bingo offers, so players can enjoy more chances to experience a winning moment. 

From 7am on Monday 24th to 11.59pm on Sunday 30th June, we'll be giving players five free tickets for every 20 that they buy in our Tiki Bingo room! The big day (Thursday 27th June) will see things get even more exciting, with a whopping ten free tickets awarded to players who buy 20 Tiki tickets.  

Talking of the big day, there's more where that comes from. Head to Session Bingo on Thursday 27th June to enjoy a dab of 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo, where we're offering a guaranteed prize worth £2,500 due to drop at 11pm, plus our fabulous Bingo Boosters

Don't worry if you're busy on Thursday 27th, because we'll keep the fun going all week. Fans of our Sapphire bingo room are in for a treat for the whole month, with six free tickets being awarded to every player that buys six tickets between 2pm and 9pm in June. 

Get involved on social media 

Feeling sociable? Head to our Facebook or Instagram pages, where you can find even more opportunities to get stuck into the celebrations, have a laugh with your fellow bingo fans and play for Joy Points, cash or even physical prizes. Go on, press that 'follow' button. 

Become a Jackpotjoy member to enjoy all the fun of our bubbly bingo rooms and watch our live show antics play out.