How Long Does a Game of Bingo Last?

Whether you've got five minutes or all night, there's a bingo game for you. Find out how long different sessions typically last.
9th November 2022

How Long Does a Game of Bingo Last?


If you're new to the wonderful world of online bingo games (welcome!), you may be asking how long the average game takes – aka how much 'me-time' you need to set aside. While a game of bingo on Jackpotjoy may be as short as four minutes, the average game can take 10 minutes, while some games can take more time before the lucky winner types "HOUSE!" into our community chat. No two games are the same, after all.

Several factors can contribute to the overall length of a game – from the number of balls in the game (this can range from 75 to 90) to just how quickly the lucky winner reaches a full house. Here's what you need to know before diving in.

How long does the average online bingo game last?

In our 90-ball titles, a game of bingo may last as little as four minutes, but this is based on a player getting lucky and completing a full house at a very early stage. 

On average, a game of bingo lasts between four and 10 minutes. If you're playing online rather than in a bingo hall, the game will naturally be quicker. This is because players' numbers are automatically daubed off, so it's easier to see when the winning ticket has been completed. If you're heading to a bingo hall for a fun-filled evening, then this could take longer, and claims of "LINE!" or "HOUSE!" will need to be physically checked for the game to be officially won.

The beauty of online bingo is that your session can last as long as you like. You have much more freedom when playing bingo online, as you can dip in and out of games and rooms as you please. Here at Jackpotjoy, we have over 20 different bingo titles available for you to try, and games starting at various times throughout the day.

Want to keep track of your time online? Try our handy session reminders tools, and you will see a notification on your screen when the designated time you've set aside is up. You can, of course, extend it if you wish, but this can be a useful way to monitor your play.

What factors contribute to the length of a bingo game?

So, why can the length of a game vary? First things first, the number of bingo balls can impact the time. We have games ranging between 75 and 90 balls.

The number of players involved in a game also impacts the length of time that bingo lasts. For example, the average number of balls drawn for a full house to be called when there are 20 players is 65, but this decreases to 63 when there are 40 players involved.  Hence, fewer the players, the longer the game could potentially take.

Looking for a fast-paced experience? Try a game Speed Bingo if you haven't got long to spare, or head to one of our busier, most popular rooms where you'll be competing against more of our bingo-loving community. It's all part of the fun! 

Which types of bingo games are available at Jackpotjoy?

The most popular versions of bingo are 75-ball, commonly played in the USA, and the 90-ball edition, which you would generally find in a UK bingo hall. In 75-ball bingo, you can win by completing a pre-determined pattern on your bingo card. Over 300 patterns have been developed as 75-ball bingo has grown in popularity!

In the 90-ball version, prizes are awarded in stages. The first of those is when a line is completed, followed by two lines, and finally a full house, with prizes becoming more valuable as you progress through the game. Players will generally buy six tickets or cards in each game round.

At Jackpotjoy, you can play a range of different online bingo games. Our 75-ball offering includes Lounge Bingo, and if 90-ball is your go-to then Bubble Up Bingo may be the room for you. Interested in our win progressive jackpot prizes? Sign up for our Superlinks Bingo games to be in with a chance to win.

What can I do in-between games?

Once you’ve finished playing a game in one of our bingo rooms, you can make the most of our brilliant free-to-use chat service! This allows you to recreate the feel of the traditional bingo halls, as you can interact with your fellow players, as well as our professionally trained chat hosts.

You can find the text box on the side of your screen, and once you've typed your message you just need to click "send" and it will appear.

Our friendly chat hosts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, as well as occasionally holding free bingo games, where you will have the opportunity to win some exciting prizes. 

The hosts will be easily identifiable, as they will have “HOST” shown after their name.

If you're in a bingo hall, then there may be some extra games played in between the main card. Generally, tickets for these games will be available for a nominal fee, giving you another chance to try and win a prize. You can also make new friends with other players, and most bingo halls provide several refreshments too.

How many bingo games can you play?

There is no limit to the number of bingo games you can play with us! We have over 20 different bingo titles for you to choose from, and the rate at which these games are played varies between all of them. For example, in Bingo 80, a new game begins every four minutes on average. If you're looking for some fast-paced calling, then Speed Bingo should be perfect for you too, and tickets are available from as little as 1p!

Does playing at a particular time of day help your odds?

The odds of you winning a game of bingo never really changes – you're still competing against other players in a race to mark off a certain amount of numbers on your tickets or cards. However, if you play one of our games at a time when it is likely to be quieter, you will have less competition and therefore you have a better chance of being the first to a full house, or the first to complete the pattern on your cards.

Ready to get started? Find out more about bingo at Jackpotjoy here.