Find Out What You Can Win Playing Free Games At Jackpotjoy

Did you know there’s plenty of free fun to be had at Jackpotjoy? Find out more about our favourite Daily Free Games on offer right now.
7th February 2023

Find Out What You Can Win Playing Free Games At Jackpotjoy


Did you know our members can play a range of unique games for free, every single day? Yes, you heard us – we offer a selection of Daily Free Games that you can play without having to purchase tickets or place bets. 

Free games are available to all our members. To play, all you need to do is to become a member of our Jackpotjoy community, and make sure you deposit £10 at least once. That’s it! Your deposit won’t expire, and you don’t need to have spent it all on other games to qualify to play. 

So, what are the different free-to-play games Jackpotjoy has to offer, and what sorts of bonuses are up for grabs? We’re glad you asked! Prizes vary between games, but there’s potential to win real money. Read on and we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you could win. 


Daily Paper 

Daily Paper is played on a grid of 90 numbered squares. Each day, you’ll get the chance to pick six of these squares for the chance to reveal a prize. Choose wisely – 50 fabulous free spins are at stake! 

To win, you must successfully uncover matching symbols with your picks. Don’t worry if you don’t reveal any matches on day one, as your picks remain in place for seven consecutive days, starting from the day you play. Depending on the symbol, the number of matches you’ll need to win will vary. The higher the number of matches you need, the more free spins will be gifted to you! 

The free spins you can win in this game can be played in Paper Wins or Paper Wins Jackpot.  

Doubly Bubbly

There’s nothing like a hot soak in a bubble bath, is there?  

Doubly Bubbly takes place in the soapy Double Bubble bathroom, where cash prizes and free spins flow! 

You’ll play on a 10x9 ticket where you’ll click the panels to uncover hidden items. Collect matching items and you can win up to 50 free spins, or a whopping £750 cash! Not bad for a free game, right? 

Like in Daily Paper, you’ll get six picks per day, and your picks will stay in place for seven days following a game. 

Watch out for Instant Win items, too. These rare Magical Soap Bar icons don’t need to be matched – uncover one on the grid and you’ll be credited with up to 50 spins instantly. 

You can spend any free spins you win in this game on Double Bubble, Double Bubble Jackpot, Double Bubble Triple Jackpot, and Double Bubble Megaways

Rainbow Riches: Daily Rainbows 

Why not join the Lucky Leprechaun on his travels in Rainbow Riches: Daily Rainbows? In this game, you’ll journey along a golden path, uncovering mystery symbols as you go.  

Just like in the other free games, your goal is to uncover matching symbols. You know the drill by now – you get six picks per day, and your picks will stay in place for a week. Hunt for the pot of gold to win the top prize! 

You can spend your spins in a game of Rainbow Riches

Tiki’s Catch of The Day 

Take a dip in Tiki’s luxurious lagoon with Tiki’s Catch of The Day! In this game, you can win cash and free spins by (yes, you guessed it) uncovering matching mystery symbols. Keep an eye out for Miss Tiki and those Yellow Fish – find enough matches and you can win 50 free spins, or £750, respectively. Happy fishing! 

You can spend your free spins in Tiki Island, Tiki Island Jackpot, or Tiki Totems Megaways

Monthly Free Games 

On top of the daily fun you can have with any of our free games, we also offer special monthly games where you can cash in your efforts of the month for the chance to win even bigger cash bonuses. 

Now, you don’t necessarily need to play a free game every day to qualify, but keep in mind that every day you play equates to one pick in the monthly bonus. It goes without saying that the more often you play, the more likely you are to win big at the end of the month!  

You don’t have to stick with the same free game every time, either. Your picks will be transferred to whichever monthly free game you’d like to play. 

To play the Monthly Free Game, you will need to play a Daily Free Game on the last game of the month. After your game finishes, you’ll see a pop-up inviting you through to the Monthly Free Game.  

How can I claim my free spins? 

If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself some free spins playing one of our Daily Free Games, you’ll have the option to load them up straight away by following the instructions on screen. If you feel like saving them for a rainy day, you can always find the links to each eligible game here

Any cash you win will be credited to your account automatically, so it’ll be there waiting for you whenever you decide to play.  

You’ve got 90 days to use up your free spins from the day you win them, so be sure to make the most of them! 


Play Off Palace Free Bingo 

If slots aren’t your bag, don’t worry. We offer the chance to win free bingo tickets, too! These games work slightly differently from our Daily Free Games. In order to bag tickets for our daily Play Off Palace games, you’ll need to play any of our qualifying bingo games. Eligible games are held in both our Sapphire and Session bingo rooms and will be marked with a ‘PP’ icon. 

To win tickets, you’ll need a win on any qualifying game. You’ll be awarded six tickets for each line, two lines, or full house, but you can win up to 72 tickets for a single game! 

For more information on how you can get your hands on some fabulous free bingo tickets, check out the Play Off Palace how to play guide

Still have questions? Never fear! Pop over to our FAQ section for everything you could ever wish to know about playing free games with Jackpotjoy. 

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