Dab for Your Local Fundraiser! How Bingo Could Help

Do you know what a bingo fundraiser is? Check how you can host one for your local community.
20th May 2024

All you need to know about hosting a bingo fundraiser


Are you looking for a fun way to support your local community while having a blast? Well, look no further. Bingo is more than just a fun game, it's a fantastic way to raise funds for a good cause while enjoying a night of entertainment with friends, family, neighbours, and anyone happy to help. 

Join us in exploring how hosting a bingo fundraiser can support your community and discover tips on organising a successful fundraising event. So, grab your dabbers and get ready to start! 

What is a fundraiser?

Have you ever wondered what a fundraiser is and how it could make a difference in your local community? Let's break it down. A fundraiser is like a friendly gathering with a special purpose; to help others in need.

Picture this: neighbours, friends, and even strangers coming together with smiles and enthusiasm to lend a hand. Whether it's about helping your local school provide better resources for students, supporting local healthcare services, or simply being there for those facing tough times, fundraisers can have a meaningful impact.

And the best part? There are many ways to get involved, from making delicious treats for bake sales to participating in sponsored runs.  

Can bingo help with your local fundraiser?

Bingo can be a fantastic tool for raising funds for your local community. It's been a popular game for decades and for a good reason. It's easy to learn and incredibly fun. But beyond the entertainment value, bingo can also be a powerful tool for fundraising. Here's how: 

  • Appeal to a Wide Audience: Unlike some fundraising events that may apply to specific demographics, bingo attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. This means you can reach a broader audience and achieve great fundraising outcomes. 
  • Low Cost, High Returns: Organising a bingo night doesn't require a huge investment. With minimal supplies like bingo cards, dabbers, and a venue, you can host a successful event without breaking the bank. Plus, the potential returns from ticket sales can make it a successful fundraiser. 
  • Community Building: Bingo brings people together in a way that few other activities can. It's a social event where friends, families, and neighbours can gather, share a laugh, and enjoy each other's company. By hosting a bingo fundraiser, not only do you raise money for a cause, but you also promote a sense of unity within your community. 

Who can host a bingo fundraiser?

Non-profit organisations often turn to bingo fundraisers as a reliable method of raising funds for their charitable activities. Schools and educational institutions usually organise bingo nights as a fun way to engage students and parents, while raising money for different programs, field trips, or educational resources. Sports teams and clubs can also benefit from hosting bingo events to cover expenses such as equipment, uniforms, or travel costs. 

However, bingo fundraisers are not limited to formal organisations or groups. Anyone with a passion for supporting their community can host a bingo fundraiser. 

Whether you're part of a non-profit organisation, a school group, a sports team, or simply a group of friends looking to make a difference, bingo is the perfect option for fundraising. With minimal upfront costs and the potential for high returns, hosting a bingo fundraiser is accessible to groups of all sizes and budgets. 

So, don't hesitate to get creative and bring your community together for a night of bingo fun in support of a worthy cause. 

How to run a successful bingo fundraiser

Now that you're sold on the idea of using bingo to raise funds for your local community, let's have a look at these five tips below to ensure your event is a hit: 

  1. Choose the right venue: You can host your event in a variety of venues, select one that can accommodate your expected guests comfortably. Whether it's a community centre, a school gymnasium, or a local church hall, make sure there's enough space for tables, chairs (no one wants to stand around for too long!), and a designated calling area.  
  2. Promote, promote, promote: Spread the word about your bingo fundraiser through social media, local newspapers, flyers, and word of mouth. The more people you can reach, the better turnout you'll have and the more awareness you can raise. 
  3. Offer prizes: Everyone loves a chance to win. Secure prizes for bingo winners to add more excitement to your event. Consider reaching out to local businesses for donations or offering cash prizes for bigger games. A bag of sweets will do for those smaller ones – or cake if you're feeling fancy. 
  4. Provide refreshments: Keep your attendees fuelled and hydrated with a selection of snacks and drinks available for purchase. This not only enhances the bingo experience but also adds another revenue possibility for your fundraiser. Plus, your bingo caller will thank you! 
  5. Create a welcoming atmosphere: Decorate your venue with colourful banners, balloons, and other festive decorations to create welcoming vibes. And don't forget to play some upbeat music to keep the energy high during the event. 

Share the fun and support your local community with bingo

Hosting a bingo fundraiser is not only a fun way to support your local community but also an effective way of raising funds for a good cause. By following our tips and advice, you can organise a successful event that brings people together, spreads joy, and makes a positive impact on your community.  

And if you're just looking to host your own bingo party at home for your friends and family, we have you covered. 

Together, we can make a real difference in our community and create brighter tomorrows for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your bingo fundraiser today and get ready to dab for a good cause! 

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