The Inside Scoop: Is Online Bingo Fixed?

New to the world of online bingo? Before you pull up a seat, let's answer your questions about whether virtual bingo can be fixed.
30th April 2024

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Here at Jackpotjoy, we're big fans of online bingo. Gone are the days of wrapping up warm to head to your local bingo hall. Now you can experience all the fun at your fingertips! Online bingo offers all the bingo action we know and love, just on your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Fancy, huh?

But, if you're new to the world of online bingo, then you may be wondering how safe playing online bingo is. Well rest assured, because we're here to fill you in on how it all works, including an answer to that all-important question about whether the game can be fixed or not.

How does online bingo work?

To explain whether online bingo can be fixed, we need to chat about how the game works. See, online bingo games may deliver the same bingo action as in land-based bingo halls, but they do it in a slightly different way. For starters, there isn't a whopping great big hall for all the players to gather in. And there aren't any physical bingo balls or bingo cards involved. 

Instead, the numbers are decided by a computer, which means you can't physically watch the famous balls spinning before they're randomly selected. Any guess what the computer is called? It's a Random Number Generator! Talk about Captain Obvious.

The job of random number generators (or RNGs as they're called on the streets) is to make sure that the numbers drawn are completely random, meaning that the game stays fair. And to make extra sure that the online bingo game isn't rigged, all legitimate gambling companies must have their RNGs independently tested by regulatory bodies – this is top-level security, guys.

As long as you're playing on a trusted online bingo site that uses RNGs, you're sure to be playing a fair game of bingo that isn't fixed. So, you can relax and enjoy the fun of playing bingo online.

How to tell if an online bingo site is legitimate

In a sea of online bingo sites, you want to be sure you're playing in an environment that is going to keep your details safe and secure, and (just as importantly!) prioritises your wellbeing.

If you're wondering what to look for when considering signing up for a new gaming site, it's worth checking that it's legitimate. First on the agenda? Look for the gambling licence. A super important document, the gambling licence proves that the company has been checked by the government and that they comply with gambling laws and regulations.

Any gaming company worth their salt will have this information in pride of place on their website (you can find ours in the footer of this page, in case you're curious). Steer clear of any sites that can't provide their gambling licence – you can't guarantee your safety while playing with these companies.

Now you know if a site is legitimate, it's time to check out the bigger picture! Looking at a company's wider presence will give you a good idea of how popular the company is and how respected it is by real bingo players. Jackpotjoy, for example, has a large social community on Facebook and Instagram and a whole library of awards to our name. 

As an extra precaution, you can also look for the contact details of the customer support team online. Just like the gambling licence, the company's contact details should be easy enough to find – this is a good sign that they care about your wellbeing and are therefore committed to you having fun. Look for a live chat feature too - this is a really handy tool for chatting to the customer support team.

Bonus points if they have responsible gambling tools on offer too! Responsible gambling tools aren't just a great way for players to customise their experience to suit them, they also signal a commitment to helping members keep their playing fun. 

To cut a long story short, the more visible a gambling site is, the more likely they are to be trustworthy. 

Remember, fair doesn't guarantee a win 

We love nothing more than creating winning moments here at Jackpotjoy (did you know, we make a winner every minute?*), but we don't want anything less than real, can't-argue-with-that wins. That means that we prioritise fairness over guaranteeing every player a win. 

It's easy to feel like certain players are winning more than you because the system is rigged, but that isn't the case. These players might be joining more games or buying more bingo tickets, or they could just be enjoying a winning spell. There's plenty of reasons why it might feel like they're winning more often than you, but the system being fixed isn't one of them. 

Jackpotjoy is proud to be a responsible gambling site that is committed to providing an online bingo experience that is safe, secure and fair. So, you can be sure that the outcome of our online bingo games is completely random. 


Take a dab for yourself 

Now you're up to speed with how to find an online bingo game that's fair, it's time for you to join in the fun! We have a wide range of exciting bingo games for you to choose from here, from classic 75-ball bingo to exclusive twists that are packed with action and chances to win. There are even free bingo options available! 

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* A Winner Every Minute - average number of winners 01/07/23 – 30/09/23