Relive the Highlights of Our 20th Birthday Cash Call Party

Our live shows are famous for fun, games and plenty of fab prizes, and our most recent event was no exception!
14th February 2023

Relive the Highlights of Our 20th Birthday Cash Call Party


If you’ve never tuned into a Jackpotjoy live show, you’re missing out. Packed full of interactive games, chances to win, and all-round merriment, we’ve been entertaining our players with live shows since 2015 – but it’s never too late to join the party!

Every live show is different, and that can be thanks to the enthusiastic community that joins, special themes we select, and the range of games we play. To give you a taste of what’s on offer, we’re going to relive some of our favourite moments from our recent Cash Call event.  Held in honour of our 20th birthday party, we spent the day making hundreds of phone calls to our community, challenging them to answer the call with the phrase "20 years of joy!" to land themselves a £20 cash prize.


Wheel of Chat

This gameshow-style challenge features a spinning wheel with five potential categories: general knowledge, maths, TV and film, science, and music. During our Cash Call show, three live callers were chosen from the Joy Bingo chatroom to take on the wheel. After spinning to determine their category, callers had 60 seconds to answer 10 questions on the selected topic. For every question they answered correctly, they secured themselves £5 cash!

The first caller to face the wheel spun the music category. Answering five out of 10 questions correctly, she managed to bag herself £25.

The second caller of the afternoon also took on the music category. She answered six questions correctly within her allotted time, earning herself a fabulous £30 cash bonus.

The final Wheel of Chat live caller took on the tricky maths round. Answering an impressive five questions correctly, she won £25!

Those following along in the Joy Bingo chat room were also given the chance to play the wheel (it wouldn’t be a live show without involving all our chat room regulars!). Three questions were thrown out to the chat room audience for the chance to bag themselves a £2 treat. Our roomies had 30 seconds to type their answers into the chat as quickly as possible.

The Name Game

As you may have gathered, we love adding a quiz element to our live games – and this one is all about testing your pop culture and celebrity knowledge.

During our December event, another plucky volunteer was chosen from the Joy Bingo room to play this segment of the show. Our host Barney read out ten descriptions of famous people, while the player had to guess as many correctly as possible within 60 seconds. Very tricky under pressure!

Our caller guessed six answers correctly within the allotted time, securing herself £12 altogether.

Blank It to Win It

The rules of Blank It to Win It are simple. We read out song lyrics that have keywords or ‘blanks’ missing, and players watching at home are challenged to guess what the missing word is.

When we played this on the live show, players commented the answers on Facebook and in the Joy Bingo chat room. One person per question was chosen from the Facebook comments to win, and two from the chat room.

Blank It to Win It also features the winning minute. When the klaxon sounds during the game, players have one minute to type ‘make me a winner’ into that chat or Facebook comments section for the chance to win themselves an extra cash bonus.

Out of Bands

General knowledge skills were important in this game. Three live callers were selected from the chat, each one getting a minute to answer as many general knowledge questions as possible out of ten questions. For every question that callers answered correctly, £2 was added to their prize fund.

Once they’d completed their rapid-fire round, callers then had the opportunity to risk it all and take on the Drop Zone, where they could gamble their winning and potentially secure a bigger reward!

With the Drop Zone, our Jackpotjoy host drops balls into the top of a board. The balls hit pins on their way down that can either help or derail their course. The balls could land on a cash prize, or the dreaded “out of bounds” area, which means they leave with nothing. Each player gets three turns – that’s three chances to win.

Our live callers were a brave lot, with all three of them choosing to gamble their winnings and take on the Drop Zone! All our callers finished with a win, too, taking home £20, £10, and £10 respectively.

Stack It

While the live callers took on the Out of Bounds board, four questions were posed to viewers at home in a special birthday edition of Stack It.

If the majority of players typed the correct answer to a question in the chat or on Facebook, then up to five winners from each were added to the pool of potential winners for the Stack It final question, where it was all to play for.

Altogether, fifteen winners were chosen to go through the final round, with each one securing themselves a fabulous £20 cash!

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to win?

Now that we’ve told you about the games you can play and the goodies up for grabs, you’ll no doubt be wondering whether you could rise to the challenge and win yourself some cash.

Have a crack at these questions from the Cash Call (all 20th birthday themed, of course!) and see how many you would’ve answered correctly. Answers are at the bottom – no cheating!!

1. Taarties are a birthday treat traditionally served in which country?

2. How heavy was the largest ever birthday cake?

3. In the game Monopoly, which property costs £20 to rent with no houses or hotels?

4. Which musician achieved their 20th UK number 1 hit single in January 2005?


  • Question 1: The Netherlands
  • Question 2: 128lbs
  • Question 3: Trafalgar Square
  • Question 4: Elvis Presley

So… ready for your first live show? Join our Jackpotjoy community and we’ll keep you up to date with news of all our events. We host live shows frequently, so you won’t miss out!

Our hosts like to keep you entertained over in the chat rooms, too, so keep an eye out for mini-challenges and brainteasers to tide you over!