Wild Claws

Wild Claws

Go wild on the slots with Wild Claws!

Five Cat symbols can appear on this game, each offering the chance to trigger a unique feature.

    Wild Claws Slot Game Overview

    Betting in this game is fixed at 25 paylines.

    Roaring Cat Features

    During the base game, there is a chance of the reels changing into one of five possible colours at the start of any spin.

    Each of the five colours corresponds to a Cat symbol (below).

    If the corresponding Cat symbol appears on the reels while its colour is active, it will trigger a unique feature!

    Lion Symbol: Red

    If a Lion symbol lands on red reels, up to five symbols will be turned Wild. 

    For every additional Lion symbol that is displayed, an extra two symbols will transform into Wilds.

    Tiger - Green

    If a Tiger symbol lands on green reels, Sticky Wilds will be triggered.

    The Tiger symbol that triggered the feature will remain fixed in place while they re-spin. 

    If the re-spin results in any new Tiger symbols landing, they too will becoming sticky, and another re-spin will be awarded.

    Failing to land a Tiger symbol on a re-spin will end the feature.

    Panther - Purple

    Land a Panther symbol while the reels are purple and it will expand, turning the whole reel Wild!

    Snow Leopard - Blue

    If you land a Snow leopard on blue reels, up to four diagonally adjacent symbols will be slashed, expanding the reel in question and turning it Wild.

    Cheetah - Yellow

    Land a Cheetah symbol on yellow reels and up to four positions within same row will become Wild.

    Wild Cat Bonus

    To trigger the Wild Cat Bonus, land three or more Bonus symbols on any of the reels. 

    The bonus will award five free spins, alongside the possibility to win Super Spins.

    During this feature, the reels will take on all five available colours, and the Roaring Cat features can be triggered the same way as they can in the base game.

    Super Spins

    During the free spins round, if a Cat symbol lands on the reels while its corresponding colour is active, it will be collected and you will be awarded one super spin.

    Super spins can be played once all of your five free spins have been used.

    If the collected Cat symbols land on the reels, their features will be active during the super spin.

    If a Tiger symbol was collected and it appears on your super spin, another super spin will be awarded.

    Jackpot Spin

    A Jackpot Spin can trigger randomly at any point during this game.

    When a Jackpot Spin is active, the reels, alongside the Cat symbols, will turn gold, and each reel will spin a different Cat symbol.

    Depending on how many Cat symbols appear, the prize you receive will be different:

    Number of Cat Symbols Landed
    Prize Triggered
    15x total wager
    210x total wager
    320x total wager
    450x total wager
    5Progressive jackpot

    If a Jackpot Spin is triggered in the base game, it will replace your regular spin.

    If a Jackpot Spin is triggered during the Wild Cat Bonus, however, it will be given as an additional free spin.

    With this game, jackpots can be won with any bet size,  however, the chance of winning is higher the higher your bet size.

    The Jackpot value receives contributions from a percentage of each bet placed on this game. The jackpot seed's value is £1,000.

    Despite our efforts to show the latest Jackpot value at all times, display delays mean this isn't always possible. In a significantly rare case, the Jackpot award value may be the jackpot seed amount, if the Jackpot was won almost immediately following another player's win, but before the Jackpot Meter could be reset.

    Return To Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.27% + 1.15% Jackpot Contribution.

    The RTP is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.27 of wins, plus you have a chance to win a jackpot!