What Details Do We Need to Know When You Join the Jackpotjoy Community?

Here's what we might need from you when opening a new account.
8th May 2024

Check All the Details We Need You to Confirm When Registering


If you've decided to join the exciting world of Jackpotjoy and you're now wondering what kind of information you need to provide to complete your registration process, look no further.  

In this blog we explore all the details we need you to confirm before you open a new account with us. Let's break it down! 

The basic details we need to know

First things first, at the beginning of our registration process you'll be asked to provide some basic details about yourself. This usually includes your full name, date of birth, email address and gender. Don't worry, we're not trying to get into your personal life – it's just a standard procedure to verify your identity and ensure you're of legal gambling age (over the age of 18 in the UK). 

Also, we'll want to know where you hang your hat. Providing your residential address helps us confirm your identity and ensures that you're playing from a permitted location. Plus, it's essential for processing any withdrawals you may need to make in the future. 

Occasionally, as part of our verification process, we may require some additional assistance from you to ensure that all your information is correct. This could involve providing supporting documentation to verify your age or address. Whenever such documents are needed, we'll notify you via email or directly on your account. 

Don't worry, the verification process is typically quick and simple. You can easily complete it by clicking on the Verification Chat button at the bottom right. It's important to note that all your documents are kept completely secure, and we prioritize safety in all our communications with you, so rest assured your details are in safe hands! 

Why would we need to confirm your employment information?

As a licensed UK gambling operator, we're required to ensure the legitimacy of funds used for gambling. This means we might occasionally ask for information about your source of funds, and when certain limits are reached, we might ask for more employment and income details, as part of the rules set by the UK Gambling Commission. This is just to make sure that you have the funds that you're trying to play with and that you're keeping safe. 

More specifically, we'll ask about your employment status, occupation (not your employer's name), and monthly income. Click the Start icon at the bottom right of your screen to begin, it's easy-peasy.  

How to verify your income in case you’re asked to

The easiest way to verify your income - even if it comes from different sources - is by sending us your tax return or a letter from your accountant. Our friendly team is here to help, so feel free to chat with us about your situation, and we'll offer personalised advice. 

Just make sure any documents you send clearly show your name, along with dates and payment amounts. If there are specific dates or spending levels that we need proof for, our team will let you know. 

What is the Enhanced Verification Check?

As part of our licencing agreement and our commitment to responsible gambling, sometimes we might need to complete some extra verification on your account. This could mean asking for things like bank statements, extra photo ID, or wage slips. 

We know it might feel a bit nosy, but it's all for your own safety and protection. We want to ensure that all our members are playing using their own means and the funds are sustainable. It can be as simple and easy as having a chat with us about your account, and we might not even need any extra info.  

If we do need more info from you, you can easily provide it through our Enhanced Verification service.  

And don't worry, any documents or information you share with us are kept confidential. Your account security is our top priority. 

So, now you have a better idea of the information we might ask you to provide, as part of your registration process. Remember, you can talk to our Verification Team if you have any questions or need extra help. We're always here for you.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and become a member of our fantastic community here at Jackpotjoy!