Get in the Summer Mood with These Sunny Slots

With warmer weather (finally) on the way, we’ve pulled together a selection of sunny slots that are sure to get you in the mood for summer!
9th May 2023

Get in the Summer Mood with These Sunny Slots


Would you look at that? We’re in May already! With the days getting longer and rain showers getting shorter, we can just feel summer coming our way. While winter has its perks (mince pie, anyone?), summer means blazing blue skies, warmer weather and finally packing away those pesky winter coats that seem to take up half the wardrobe. 

While we’re still waiting to bring the shorts out of storage, there’s no reason why we can’t experience a taste of summer whatever the weather, thanks to our collection of summery slot games. After all, the joy of online casinos is that you can enter a world of entertainment from your mobile, tablet or desktop device whatever the time of year. From Ancient Egypt to movie sets, our catalogue of exciting online games opens doors to different periods in time, new lands, and even seasons. 

Sunglasses at the ready? Take a peek at our top five slot machines with the hottest summer vibes. 


Fortune Llama

One of the newest slots on the block here at Jackpotjoy, Fortune Llama is packed with plenty of vibrant graphics and upbeat music that delivers a super energetic gaming experience – perfect for blowing away those winter cobwebs. 

Produced by Swedish developers, Fantasma, this slot follows a stylishly bold llama as he parties with his fellow animal pals. With his glowing tan and mirrored shades, Fortune Llama’s star character certainly looks as though he’s been enjoying the sun! Set the reels spinning in this slot for the chance to enter the Free Spins Bonus, where you can hit the dancefloor while searching for multiplier prizes. The llama will leave a trace of his golden tan on any position he appears on – if all the positions on reels three to six turn gold, then you’ll be sent to the Big Spins Bonus, where you could pocket an exciting prize. 

With trendy sunnies, leafy palms and a hazy cityscape painted in warm blues, yellows and purples, we particularly like this slot for when we fancy swanning around Santa Monica. For that reason alone, we think this slot is perfect for the summer mood kick-started. 


Rainbow Riches Power Mix 

A casino classic, Rainbow Riches Power Mix, is part of the iconic Rainbow Riches slot series. Launched in 2006 by Barcrest (since rebranded as Light & Wonder), Rainbow Riches is one of the UK’s most popular slot series, with a legion of passionate fans enjoying the games in the series.  

Based around a chirpy leprechaun and his search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Rainbow Riches slots typically feature luscious rolling hills and bright blue skies, and Power Mix is no exception.  

Players of this slot will step into a green field peppered with colourful flowers and vibrant toadstools, with a golden path stretching across the distant fields. Collect three Road to Riches symbols to skip along this path to gather stake multipliers, which can create splendid wins. Harvesting the toadstools can also produce cash prizes, with up to 500x your wager available to pocket! 

While Rainbow Riches Power Mix invokes a strong Irish theme (a country that arguably isn’t the sunniest holiday destination!), it’s definitely sunny in this part of the Emerald Isle. Who said summer has to be all about beaches?  

Bigger Bass Bonanza 

Where there’s hot weather, there’s yearning for water. Set deep underwater, Bigger Bass Bonanza delivers a punch of H20. As part of the Big Bass slot series from Pragmatic Play, this game focuses on a popular summer pastime – fishing. 

Whether you’re new to the hobby, or an experienced angler, Bigger Bass Bonanza offers the opportunity to join the iconic fisherman as he casts his lines across the reels in search of a prize catch. Hook a fish and you might just bag a cash prize! 

Unlike other instalments in the Big Bass series, which sent players out into the wide ocean to catch their prizes, this game is a little closer to the shore, with neon-lit buildings and tall palm trees occupying the background. Combine the setting with our fisherman’s patterned shirt (a holiday staple) and stylish sunglasses and it seems our fisherman has brought his beloved rods on holiday with him. 

So, while we’re waiting for the weather to warm up enough to bring out our own garishly patterned shirts, we’ll be heading over to Bigger Bass Bonanza. 

Treasures of Kilauea 

If you’re dreaming of a tropical island, then hop on a flight to Treasures of Kilauea. Set on one of Hawaii’s eight volcanic islands (did you know, two of these islands are forbidden to visitors?), this game transports players to an area packed with blooming flora and fauna for a chance to discover treasure.  

Treasures of Kilauea offers a taste of Hawaii’s culture too, with detailed Idol symbols and drumming background music. Find an Idol symbol in the central position of the top reel to activate the Jackpot Wheel Bonus, where you could win a Mega Jackpot worth 5,000x your wager! With every ten spins, the volcano bubbling in the background will erupt to strike the reels to create new Wild symbols – potentially creating more wins.  

For those booking in the staycations this summer, Treasures of Kilauea offers a fabulous way to transport yourself to a gorgeous island from the comfort of your own home. And, for those eyeing up potential destinations, maybe it’s an island holiday you’re looking for? 

Fun on the Seafront 

There’s nothing quite like a British seaside holiday, although Fun on the Seafront has done a fantastic job of replicating the experience. With golden sandy beaches, white cliffs and hungry seagulls hovering near the reels, you can almost smell the chips and suncream.  

Match symbols such as bucket and spades, red deckchairs, and bathing Belle’s along the paylines to create winning combinations, which will trigger the Raining Reels feature for the chance to create a domino-effect win. Finding three or more portions of chips wrapped in newspaper will award a tasty multiplier prize, so watch out for these! For a proper British experience, there’s even a chance of spotting a Royal relaxing under the sun in this reel.  

Tropical islands and buzzing seafront cityscapes may be on the holiday wishlist for many, it’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned day on a British beach. If you’re looking to get in the mood for your next trip to Brighton, or hoping to bring back memories of Blackpool, Fun on the Seafront is the game for you.  

Whether you’re holidaying abroad or enjoying BBQs in the back garden, it’s hard to shake off a sunny mood during summer. Our top five sunny slot games combine all our favourite elements of a classic summer – beaches, bright blue skies, groovy music, palm trees and more! What are your top five sunny slots? Browse our full collection of online slot games to find out.  

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