Rainbow Riches: Power Mix

Rainbow Riches: Power Mix

Check out the fun-filled slot Rainbow Riches: Power Mix for a chance to trigger five awesome bonuses and win multipliers of up to 500x!

    Rainbow Riches: Power Mix Game Overview

    Betting in this game is fixed at 40 paylines in total.

    Bonus Choice

    The base game is made up of four lots of 3x5 reel arrays.

    Before the game begins, you need to select one bonus for each individual reel array - you can choose the same bonus for more than one reel array should you wish. 

    There are five different bonuses available: the Road To Riches Bonus, Free Spins, Cash Crop, Magic Toadstool and the Power Mix Bonus.

    Click on the 'Change Bonus' button at the start of a game to change your bonus selection. 

    Active bonuses will be displayed at the side of each reel array (only active bonuses are available during each game).

    To trigger the respective bonus, land between three and five of the same Bonus symbols on the reel array that that Bonus symbol is active on. 

    Bonus rounds are based on the following equation: total stake divided equally across the four reel arrays; meaning the stake per reel is calculated by dividing your total stake by four.

    Wild Symbols

    Wilds are available in this game.

    They override certain symbols to help complete wins. 

    Road To Riches Bonus

    Road to Riches symbols can appear on any reel.

    Land at least three to activate this bonus - the more Road to Riches symbols that trigger the feature, the more you will win, as outlined below:

    • Three symbols = the bonus will trigger
    • Four symbols = the bonus will trigger and it will take you less steps to reach the Pot of Gold at the end
    • Five symbols = you will be awarded the maximum prize possible (500x) and the bonus will not play out

    Click 'Spin' at the start to spin the wheel and determine how many steps the multiplier highlighter will move. 

    Continue playing until you reach the end of the path, or the wheel lands on a Coin icon. 

    At the end, the final multiplier value will be applied to your stake per reel and awarded.

    Pots of Gold Bonus

    This bonus triggers whenever three or more Pots of Gold symbols hit the reels:

    Number of triggering Pots of Gold
    3Pots of Gold Bonus triggers
    4During the bonus, Scatters will only reveal Gold and Silver pots
    5Awards the maximum prize possible (500x) and the bonus will not play out

    Gold, silver and bronze pots containing multiplier values will then move across the screen.

    When they stop moving, whichever pot the arrow points at will be awarded.

    Your winning multiplier will be applied to the stake per reel.

    Free Spins

    Free Spins symbols can appear on reels one, three and five only in this game. 

    Should three or more hit the reels at the same time, Free Spins will trigger and award the following:

    • 3 Free Spins Scatters = 10 free spins
    • 4 Free Spins Scatters = 20 free spins
    • 5 Free Spins Scatters = 30 free spins

    The below rules apply during Free Spins:

    • Free Spins symbols will appear stacked on the first reel
    • Free Spins symbols also act as Wilds

    Land another three Free Spins symbols while playing to re-trigger the bonus.

    Cash Crop

    Land at least three Cash Crop symbols across the reels to activate this bonus. 

    If triggered with five Cash Crop symbols, you will receive the maximum payout possible (500x) and the bonus will not be played. 

    Otherwise, at the start of the round, 50 coins will appear and spin - each Coin can land on a blank or multiplier value.

    As soon as the coins have come to a stop, any multipliers will fade away one-by-one and each prize amount will be added to the win meter. 

    Coin prize amounts are calculated as follows: multiplier x stake per reel array. 

    A larger Coin will then appear and display 'Go On' on one side and 'Collect' on the other. 

    Depending on which side the coin lands on, the following will occur:

    • Collect - the bonus will end and the amount on the win meter will be awarded
    • Go On - you will advance to level two of the bonus. 50 new coins will appear revealing even bigger multipliers. The process will repeat and another, larger Coin will appear at the end to reveal 'Continue' or 'Go On' - 'Go On' will unlock level three, while 'Collect' will end the bonus

    Level three contains higher-value multipliers than level two, and is the last level of the Cash Crop bonus. 

    At the end of level three, the bonus will terminate and you will receive the final amount displayed on the win meter. 

    Magic Toadstool

    Should three or more Magic Toadstools appear, this bonus will be awarded.

    You will have three initial picks to try and win prizes.

    Pick from a field of 24 toadstools - toadstools can either reveal a multiplier or Fairy:

    • Multiplier - awards a cash prize based on the stake per reel (cash prizes are cumulative)
    • Fairy - another three Mushrooms will appear for a chance to win extra cash prizes and fairies, and you'll also be awarded a multiplier 

    When all picks have been used or all toadstools have been picked, the bonus will end. 

    If you have picks remaining but no toadstools, a final multiplier will be awarded and applied to the amount on the win meter. 

    If any toadstools remain after your last pick and you have not yet won the minimum prize amount, you will be awarded extra picks.

    The minimum win threshold in this bonus is as follows:

    • If triggered with 3 Magic Toadstools: stake per reel array x8
    • If triggered with 4 Magic Toadstools: stake per reel array x50
    • If triggered with 5 Magic Toadstools: you will be awarded the maximum amount possible (500x) and the bonus will not be activated

    Power Mix Bonus

    You will be awarded this bonus whenever the Power Mix Bonus symbol hits the third reel of any of the four reel arrays, and fully covers the reel that it lands on.

    Power Mix Bonus symbols can only be present on one reel array at a time.

    If enabled, all four reels will merge to create one reel.

    The reel will then spin and either a multiplier, blank space or modifier will appear.

    The following four modifiers are available in this bonus:

    1When a Wishing Well landsAll multipliers in view will be added together - the sum will become the new multiplier value of the Wishing Well symbol
    2When a Rainbow lands (only one can appear per bonus game)Your number of lives will increase from three to four
    3When a Fairy landsA random number of cash values will be doubled. The Fairy doesn't have a cash value
    4When a Leprechaun landsThe Leprechaun will spin to reveal a multiplier, which will be applied too all neighbouring spaces. These spaces will form the Hot Zone area until the end of the round. Any symbols (new and existing) in the Hot Zone area will be multiplied by the multiplier awarded. After the Hot Zone area has been formed, the Leprechaun will no longer be attached to the multiplier

    If a modifier or multiplier lands, your number of lives will reset to three; if neither lands, you will lose a life.

    Any modifiers or multipliers that appear will lock in place as the reel re-spins.

    This continues until the reel becomes full or you run out of lives - filling the reels entirely will earn you 50,000x stake per reel.

    Otherwise, at the end of the bonus, the final multiplier will be applied to your stake per reel and awarded.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.09%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.09 of wins.