Check Out Our Tips for Playing 80 Ball Bingo Online

Become a bingo pro in no time with our super simple guide to playing 80 Ball Bingo online.
12th July 2023

Check Out Our Tips for Playing 80 Ball Bingo Online

You've heard of 75 ball bingo, and even 90 ball bingo. But have you ever heard of 80 ball bingo? For those who are still new to the world of online bingo, there are three main types of bingo: 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball. 

The most common types of bingo are 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, which are played with 75 balls and 90 balls, respectively. Can you guess how many balls are in 80 ball bingo? Hint, it's 80!

While 75 ball and 90 ball games are the most popular types of bingo games, 80 ball bingo has a legion of loyal fans and packs in plenty of entertainment. If this is your first encounter with 80 ball bingo (where have you been?!), then let us fill you in before you start playing.

What is 80 ball bingo? 

A 80 ball bingo game is based on the classic bingo format (dab off numbers in specific patterns on your bingo cards/tickets before anyone else to bag a prize) but has a couple of unique twists. Traditionally called shutterboard bingo, players used to use a wooden board instead of bingo tickets. If their number was called, then they would pop a counter onto the corresponding square to mark it off.

Now let's get into those unique twists. Remember what we said earlier? Well, the first twist is that 80 ball bingo uses 80 balls. The other is the bingo tickets. Unlike standard bingo games, players who join an 80 ball bingo room will be presented with tickets of 4x4 grids. These tickets are usually bursting with fun colours that are guaranteed to brighten up the screen while waiting for those all important numbers to be called. 

What to expect when you get your tickets

Tickets are formed of a 4x4 grid of random numbers. There isn't a blank square in the middle of your ticket, as in 75 ball bingo, so you'll have 16 numbers in total on each ticket. 

Each column will be a different colour, with certain groups of numbers being allocated to a particular column/colour, making it wonderfully easy to spot where each number is on your ticket!

Check out our fabulous 80 ball bingo tickets
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How to play 80 ball bingo

Playing 80 ball bingo is simple. Mark off the numbers on your ticket before other players to claim a prize. There are three standard prizes available in bingo: one line, two lines and Full House.

To claim a line prize, you need to be the fastest player to mark off an entire line (it doesn’t matter if it's horizontal, vertical or diagonal). To bag the ultimate prize of Full House, dab off your entire ticket before anyone else. If you're playing in a land-based bingo hall, then make sure you remember to shout ‘HOUSE’ at the top of your lungs at this point! 

The race to bag a prize can be serious stuff when playing in a bingo hall. There isn't much time to have a chinwag with your neighbouring dabbers, since you'll have to keep your ears free to hear the host call out your numbers. Fortunately, the dabbing can be automated when you're playing online, so you can sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a chat with your fellow players while your tickets are marked for you.

Well, there you have it. Those are the basic rules of 80 ball bingo. It's worth noting, though, that the exact rules of each game of 80 ball bingo can vary depending on the game, so you should check out the rules carefully before jumping into a game. 

If you're not sure, then take a look at our Ultimate Bingo Guide or send our lovely hosts a message in the chat box during the game. Our hosts are always happy to help or even just have a natter, so don't be shy!

Get dabbing...

Ready to get stuck in? Head on over to our Bingo 80 room, where you can throw it back to the 80s in this nostalgia-packed 80 ball bingo game that features neon graphics and a soundtrack sure to have you busting some moves.

Games run from 7am to 11pm GMT every day of the week, so you can find a time that suits you. No need to worry about missing out, these games run in four minute intervals so you won't have to wait long to join the action. 

As if that wasn't enough excitement, there's also a fabulous progressive jackpot available to scoop up in every game of Bingo 80. In keeping with the 80s theme, the Magic 80 jackpot will be awarded to whoever successfully reaches a full house on the number 80. This jackpot will be awarded on top of your full house prize, so it could be a spectacular winning moment for one lucky player!

While Bingo 80 is a relatively new game here at Jackpotjoy, the game holds a special place in our hearts. Partly because we're big fans of the 80s (fancy a perm, anyone?) and also because we launched it as part of our 20th birthday celebrations. Don’t take our word for it though, join in the next game to see just how fabulous this game is for yourself.

If you fancy trying your hand at a different bingo game, then be sure to check out our full collection of online bingo rooms. From classic 75 ball rooms to free bingo games, we have lots of options to choose from, with plenty of chances to win. There's a reason we were voted as the UK’s Best Proprietary Bingo Site of 2023 in this year's BingoPort Awards! Get stuck in and find your favourite. 

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