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Different Types of Online Bingo Games

As one of the best online bingo sites in the UK, Jackpotjoy has an impressive selection of bingo titles for you to enjoy. From the ever-popular 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games to our unique range of special bingo games, we have a room to suit all your tastes and expertise. Discover the different online bingo games available at Jackpotjoy and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

What Bingo Games Are There?

Two of the most well-known bingo formats are the UK and US versions, which consist of 90 balls and 75 balls respectively. Both are widely played on both sides of the Atlantic and are popular on their own merits.

While 75-ball bingo games tend to be more thrilling and fast-paced, the nature of the game means that there’s only ever one winner. 90-ball bingo games offer more chances of winning - for one line, two lines and a full house, so usually take longer to play. Each variant has its own bingo rules, so make sure you’re familiar with both before playing.

90-Ball Bingo Games

Experience the fun of our traditional bingo rooms.

90-Ball Bingo

This is the preferred bingo format in the UK and is probably the most recognised. 90-ball bingo games take place on a 3x9 card and feature 15 numbers between one and 90 that need ticking off. With up to three prizes available in any one game, the first player to complete one line, two lines or a full house will be awarded the corresponding prize.

Lines are won when every number on any one or two horizontal lines have been marked off (unless stated otherwise), and a full house for completing all 15 numbers on your card. Prize values increase as the game progresses and different winning lines are achieved.

75-ball Bingo Games

Check out our selection of pattern bingo games.

75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo - also known as ‘pattern bingo’ - is typically favoured in the US. It’s played on a 5x5 card, with the centre square blanked out by a star symbol.

The aim of 75-ball bingo games is to complete the predetermined winning pattern - you’ll be informed of this before the game starts - before all other players. There’s only ever one prize available, which is awarded to the first person to achieve the winning pattern. As always in online bingo games, numbers are automatically marked off for you.

Above the five columns on your card, the word ‘BINGO’ will be spelt out. Each letter corresponds to the range of numbers displayed in each column:

  • B - five numbers between 1 and 15

  • I - five numbers between 16 and 30

  • N - four numbers between 31 and 45

  • G - five number between between 46 and 60

  • O - five numbers between 61 and 75

With more than 300 patterns being played across all 75-ball bingo games nowadays, and only one winner per game, this is an extremely fast-paced and exciting variant of online bingo.

Our best advice is to experiment playing a few games from each of the different categories, so you can figure out which you like best and what games are most-suited to you.