Ted: Pub Fruit

Ted: Pub Fruit

Mess with some fruit with your favourite bear from the big screen with Ted: Pub Fruit, our online slot that packs a whopping sixteen features.

    Ted: Pub Fruit Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in this game range from 10p to £10.

    Betting in this game is fixed at five paylines.

    Game Board

    You can activate the gameboard by getting on the cash ladder through the trail. 

    If you land a reel in view with a number attached to it, that number will be added to the trail.

    When you land on the trail boost, you will get the chance through the skill stopper to get on the board and also add a prize on the cash ladder.

    Each space on the gameboard corresponds to one of the following:

    Feature+ : Increases the feature board on the left

    Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.

    Free Spin: Will award an additional free spin and wins are added to the cash pot.

    Arrows: will move you to the upper or lower board.

    Heart: Collecting three Hearts will award an extra life.

    Cash Out:  Forces the player out of the Trail Bonus with a skill stopper which awards a prize or a loss. 

    Multiplier: A multiplier of your bet will be put into the cash pot.

    Bonus: will award a bonus

    Arrested: Will award a shot on the active level.

    Level Up: Will move you to the next level.

    Super Shot: Will award a shot on the next level.

    Super Spin: Will award an extra Super Spin which guarantees a win, all winnings are put into the cashpot.

    Big Money

    When this feature is triggered, the game moves onto into the Big Money Feature.


    The base reel will spin to a win.

    High Five

    A skill stopper will run through the top five values of the cash ladder.

    Press start to stop the skill stopper and you will the be awarded the corresponding prize.

    Golden Goose

    Pick a box to reveal a cash prize.

    This feature will continue until Collect is revealed.

    Cash Combo

    A skill stopper will run through all the cash values on the cash ladder.

    Press start to stop the skill stopper and you are then awarded the corresponding prize.

    You will then be prompted a choice to repeat the process or not.

    If no, you are awarded the cash value if yes, then you repeat the process for another cash value.

    High Rise

    You will be given a choice of three pots.

    You must pick one of the pots to reveal  Climb 1, Climb 2, Climb 3, or Collect.

    Revealing climb will move you up the cash ladder by the corresponding number.

    Revealing Collect will end the feature.

    Big Shot

    The hi-lo reels will spin to a random number, the cash ladder will then be increased by that number.

    You are then awarded a cash shot on the values above.

    Money Maker

    A skill stopper will run through the multipliers.

    Press start to stop the skill stopper and you are then awarded the corresponding prize.

    Reel Rush

    The main game reels will spin and you will need to press start to stop the reels which then pays any line wins.

    Easy Money

    You will Hi-Lo gamble up the cash ladder until you lose one of the gambles.

    Crazy Cash

    You are given three shots to climb the cash ladder.

    Cash Code

    The base game reels will spin and stop.

    The numbers in view correspond to the number of segments you climb up the cash ladder.

    Beer Money

    You must select beer bottle from three to reveal a prize.

    Turbo Gamble 

    A gamble up/down the cash ladder.

    Hot Shot

    A random skill stopper will run across the cash ladder.

    You are then awarded the corresponding prize after stopping the skill stopper by pressing start.

    Cherry Spin

    The base game reels will spin to a winning combination.

    Take It Or Leave It

    If you land on of the Take It or Leave It spaces from a Super Shot, it will award the Take It or Leave It Bonus.

    Super Take It or Leave It will eliminate the bottom five values from play.

    Mega Take it or Leave it will eliminate the bottom ten values.

    Ted Will eliminate all the TVs and then award you a cash prize.

    At the end of every round you will be made an offer and it is up to you if you Take It Or Leave It.

    Is it worth the gamble for the chance to win big?

    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 96.57%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.57 of wins.