Moon Princess

Trigger Wild symbols, Girl Powers and more in Moon Princess to create more potential winning combinations! 

    Moon Princess Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Moon Princess range from 20p to £10.

    Betting in this game uses single line, multi-directional format. 

    Winning combinations 

    A winning combination involved at least three symbols landing in a row. 

    Winning combinations are removed from the reels after being collected. 

    The remaining symbols will fall to fill the empty positions and possibly form a new winning combination. 

    When a winning combination of three symbols is removed from gird, a Wild symbol will become visible to the central symbol location.

    On each drop, a win multiplier will be increased. 


    In the game, you will find: 

    • A Wild symbol - the Moon 
    • Three Princess symbols - Love, Star and Storm
    • An assortment of mystical items

    The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol to help create winning combinations.

    When the grid only contains the Wild symbol, they are removed - this helps you to trigger free spins!

    Girl Power Feature

    This feature has the opportunity to trigger on any non-winning rounds. 

    All Girl Powers have the ability to create potential winning combinations. 

    A different unique ability is performed depending on which princess is active. 

    All Girl Powers assist in creating potential winning combinations. 

    In total, there are three Girl Power abilities – one for each princess. 

    Love - A set of symbols is chosen and can transform into another symbol

    Star - A maximum of two Wild symbols will be added to the grid

    Storm - Two sets of symbols are destroyed and removed from the grid. 

    Princess Trinity Feature

    This feature is triggered as soon as the on-screen meter is filled completely. 

    This meter can only be filled with winning combinations of the Princess Symbols. 

    Combinations can also involve a Wild symbol - all other contributions do no contribute. 

    The meter has three sections, following this set of rules:

    • A five-of-a-kind combination fills up the meter with three sections
    • A four-of-a-kind combination fills up the meter with two sections
    • A three-of-a-kind combination fills up the meter with one section 

    Once the meter is full and there are no further wins, you will be awarded with one free round. 

    The drop multiplier will reset after this. 

    During the Princess Trinity feature, Love, Star and Strom Girl Power's take turns to trigger to create more chances of winning.  

    When there are no further wins after each drop, a Girl Power will be performed and the game will continue until there are no further wins - this is repeated until all Girl power abilities have performed. 

    The total winnings will be awarded before the next game round begins. 

    The active Princess then returns back to the Princess on-screen before the feature was triggered. 

    Free Spins

    Once the entire grid of symbols have been cleared, the Free Spins feature will be triggered.

    You can choose one of three free spin options; Love princess, Star Princess and Strom Girl. 

    • Love Princess - awards four free spins 
    • Star Princess - awards five free spins 
    • Storm Girl - awards eight free spins

    The selected princess's Girl Power will be active throughout the Free Spin Bonus. 

    This triggers on every non-winning spin to further the chances of winning! 

    The drop multiplier cannot reset between game rounds and can group up to x20. 

    A fully charged on-screen meter will extend the Free Spins feature - with the same rules. 

    A number of additional free spins will be awarded in line with he active princess:

    • Love Princess - four additional free spins 
    • Star princess - three additional free spins 
    • Strom Princess - two additional free spins 

    Up to 20 free spins can be won in a game. 

    The Princess Trinity feature will not be active during Free Spins. 

    You will win an instant prize of 100x your total bet if the grid is cleared during Free Spins! 

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 94.51%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.51.