If you're a fan of the traditional board game, you'll want to try your hand at this unique slot game: MONOPOLY Big Spin.

    MONOPOLY Big Spin Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in MONOPOLY Big Spin range from 10p to £70.  

    Betting in this game is fixed at 14 wheel segments. 


    Wheel feature

    The main Wheel has 14 segments - one for each property colour, plus Utilities, Chance, Community Chest, Go and Free Parking. 

    Land on a property set or Utilities during the base game to win a fixed payout. 

    Wheel payouts 

    You'll be awarded the bet on the first spin only. 

    If you win free spins from Free Parking or Go, the bet will be awarded on the first spin - every additional free spin won will payout with multipliers only. 

    You'll win extra free spins if you land on Free Parking or Go while playing the Free Spins bonus.

    Wheel wins are paid using the same bet that was used to trigger Free Spins. 

    Bonus Wheel spins are awarded from winning bets placed on Community Chest and Chance. 

    Free Spins and Bonus Wheel spins secured from the Wheel are played automatically. 

    Payouts are as below:

    Bet Area
    Pays on First Spin
    Pays Free Parking or Go Subsequent Spins
    Light Blue6:16x
    Dark Blue25:125x
    Go40:1 plus one spin of the wheel 40x plus one spin of the wheel
    Free Parking30:1 plus one spin of the wheel 30x plus one spin of the wheel
    Chance1 spin of the Bonus Wheel 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel
    Community Chest 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel

    Bonus Wheel 

    The Bonus Wheel has 10 segments featuring Chance and Community Chest-style outcomes. 

    To trigger the feature, you need to land on Chance or Community Chest.

    This will award you one spin of the Bonus Wheel, which promises a fixed payout. 

    Any wins will be added to the win meter before the Bonus Wheel multiplier is awarded:

    Bet Area
    Pays on First Spin
    Pays Free Parking or Go Subsequent Spins
    St. Charles 5:15x
    Beauty Contest8:18x
    Inherit Money 9:19x
    Stock Sale10:110x
    Ride on the Reading 10:110x
    Advance to Go20:120x
    Elected Chairman20:120x
    Advance to Boardwalk 30:130x
    Bank Error50:150x
    Get out of Jail Free 200:1200x

    Free Spins 

    If you land on Go, you'll be awarded a 40:1 payout plus one free spin of the main wheel.

    You'll also be reimbursed for your stake on the winning property set/ space type. 

    Landing on Free Parking will award you a 30:1 payout, as well as two free spins of the main wheel. 

     If extra spins have been awarded, then it will be as if you have wagered all the possible spots with the corresponding bet on the winning property type.  

    Mega Drop 

    Mega Drop is a jackpot feature consisting of three Progressive Jackpots: Minor, Major and Epic.  

    For each spin, a proportion of players' total bet will be added to the Progressive Jackpots.

    All three Mega Drop jackpots have payout values before which they must drop - this means the Progressive Jackpots must be won before reaching their respective maximum payout amounts.

    Progressive Jackpots

    Progressive Jackpots can potentially be won on any wager. 

    If it is awarded, the jackpot amount re-sets to a re-seed value equal to approximately 25% of the value paid out.

    You can't win more than one jackpot with a single wager - if more than one jackpot is awarded with the same stake, you'll receive the jackpot with the higher maximum drop value. 

    Theoretical scenarios exist where the jackpot drop amount may slightly exceed its expected drop value. 

    Progressive Jackpot balances are displayed in the game and are updated only when awaiting user input. The jackpot balances update at least once per two seconds during this state. 

    Progressive jackpots can be won on any stake, but the higher your stake, the greater your chances of winning.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 88.66 – 95.75% .

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £88.66 - £95.75 of wins.