Money Train 3

Take a ride on the slots with Money Train 3!

This slot features 12 special symbols, all with fabulous unique outcomes!

    Money Train 3 Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Money Train 3 range from 10p to £2.

    Play with up to 40 paylines with this game.


    This game features 12 special symbols. 

    Each symbol behaves differently, triggering a unique outcome when it appears: 

    CollectorHas a value of its own. It will collect the values of all symbols on the reels and add them to its own.
    SniperWill double the value of between three and eight bonus symbols.
    Collector/PayerWill select 3-5 symbols at random and add their values to its own and then pays those values out to each symbol.
    NecromancerWill bring 2-7 non-persistent special symbols back to life so they can be used again.
    AbsorberAbsorbs Bonus symbols, adding their values to its own.
    Tommy Gun SniperPicks one symbol at random and increases its value by up to six times.
    Tommy Gun Payer Will display a multiplier value of 5x-100x. The multiplier will be applied to a randomly selected symbol up to ten times over.
    Persistent CollectorCollects all values on the reel and adds them to its own value. This will persist for each turn.
    Persistent SniperWill double the values of 3-8 Bonus symbols each turn. Can act on the same Bonus symbol multiple times.
    Persistent Payer/CollectorActs the same as the Payer/Collector but persists each spin.
    Persistent NecromancerActs the same as the Necromancer but persists for each spin.
    Persistent ShapeshifterAfter each spin, this symbol turns into a different symbol.


    Re-spin Feature

    The Re-spins feature can activate randomly at the end of any spin in the game.

    To start the feature, a symbol will be selected at random to become the 'sticky' symbol - this means it will stay fixed in place. 

    Meanwhile, all other reel positions will re-spin.

    For every new symbol that lands, you will be awarded a new re-spin.

    If a symbol lands that features a multiplier value, that value will be applied to your total win amount.

    If more than one multiplier lands simultaneously, the multipliers will combine before being applied to the total win.

    The feature will end when all re-spins have been played.


    Money Cart Bonus

    The Money Cart Bonus will be unlocked when three or more Bonus symbols land on the reel simultaneously.

    The round will start with three free spins.

    The Bonus symbols that triggered the bonus round will award a multiple of your stake at the beginning of the round.

    Cover an entire reel with symbols and you will unlock a new reel - this can happen up to twice during the feature.

    Buy Feature

    With the Buy feature, you will have the opportunity to pay a specified price and activate the Money Cart Bonus.

    Four different versions of the bonus are available with the Buy feature: the original version, the Persistent version, the 1 Spin version and the 2 Spin version.

    Persistent Version

    With this version, one Persistent symbol will feature on the reels.

    The number of spins remaining will be reset whenever new symbols appear.


    1 Spin Version

    This version of the Bonus begins by awarding one free spin.

    New symbols appearing will reset the number of remaining spins.


    2 Spin Version

    With this version, the bonus will begin with two free spins.

    Again, the number of spins remaining will reset when new symbols appear.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.