Diamond Link: Cops 'n' Robbers

Grab as many slot prizes as possible before Bert gets caught in Diamond Link: Cops 'n' Robbers!

    Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in this slot range from 20p to £10.

    There are 20 paylines available in this game. 

    Cops 'n' Robbers Slot Series

    If you're a fan of Bert's wild adventures in the Cops 'n' Robbers slot series, then we think you're going to love this game!

    As part of the Cops 'n' Robbers series (which includes titles such as Cops 'n' Robbers: Big Money and Cops 'n' Robbers: Drop Shot Deluxe), you can join Bert as he attempts to escape from the police with a sack full of prizes.

    Diamond Link Feature

    In an exciting twist to the classic Cops 'n' Robbers game, this title includes the Diamond Link feature, with a progressive jackpot prize available to scoop!

    Look out for six Diamond symbols dropping onto the reels at the same time for the chance to experience this feature for yourself.

    The triggering Diamond symbols will transform into dazzling Pink Diamonds, which will feature multiplier values. 

    The feature kick starts with an explosion, which will highlight up to four random positions containing Diamond symbols.

    These positions will offer the chance to experience the Spin Fields, Jail Fields, Diamond Fields or Special Fields features when stepped on. 

    The feature ends when Bert is caught, if you fill all the positions with Diamonds, or if you land the biggest prize available.

    Spin Fields

    Stepping on a Spin Fields position will spin every position, apart from the ones containing Diamond symbols, again.

    Jail Fields

    Stepping on a Jail Fields position will send Bert to the ID Parade. 

    If the light lands on Bert, then he's caught and the feature will end!

    Diamond Fields

    Stepping on a Diamond Fields position will add the Diamond multiplier to the current value shown on the truck.

    All the Diamond multipliers currently on the reels will be doubled, but the Security Level will increase too, which means that there's more chance of Bert being caught during the ID Parade.

    Special Fields

    Stepping on a Special Fields position will roll the Golden Dice instead of the standard dice.

    One of the following features will be randomly triggered:

    AddA 1x1 reel will spin. The value shown once it stops spinning will be added to each Diamond symbol on a highlighted position.
    MultiplyA 1x1 will spin. The value shown once it stops spinning will be used to multiply every Diamond symbol on a highlighted position.
    CollectThe values of the Diamond symbols on the highlighted positions are collected into a random Diamond symbol.

    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.00%, plus 1% Jackpot contribution.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.00 of wins, plus the chance to win a jackpot.