Poker Tournaments

Innovative Texas Hold'em Poker tournaments are available to play every day of the week, with a maximum jackpot prize of 10,000x the buy-in up for grabs!

    Poker Tournaments Overview

    You can play Wild Seat Poker Tournaments Monday to Friday, between 5pm and midnight. 

    They follow No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker rules.

    How to Play 

    As this game follows No Limit Texas Hold'em rules, at the start, each player will be dealt an initial two cards.  

    Five community cards will then be dealt in the middle of the table – these can be used by all players. 

    The aim is to form the best seven-card poker hand possible using your initial two cards, as well as the five community cards. 

    Placing a Bet 

    No Limit Texas Hold'em gives you four opportunities to place a bet: 

    1. After your first two cards have been dealt 
    2. After the first three community cards have been dealt 
    3. After the fourth community card has been dealt 
    4. After the fifth and final community card has been dealt 

    At the start of the round, the first player can either ‘Check’ (do nothing) or place a Bet.  

    The following player can then do one of the following: Fold, Call or Raise. 

    This continues until all remaining players have made matching bets. 

    At the end of the round, all bets will be placed in the pot before the next card is dealt, thereby signaling the next round of betting.  

    When the final betting round has come to an end, every player with a matching bet will compare hands.  

    The player with the best hand will be awarded all chips in the pot. 


    Poker Tournaments 

    Get involved in online poker tournaments at Jackpotjoy and you could be awarded a ticket for our weekly Community Tournament. 

    The weekly competition gives you a chance to win any prize money awarded to you the previous week. 

    The prize pool for each tournament is made up from the buy-ins from every player that registers. 

    Unlike normal poker, Wild Seat tournaments only offer one payout, which is awarded to the winner.

    Wild Seat Poker Tournaments 

    In these tournaments, each player is given a random mystery prize in the beginning. 

    Possible prizes range from 2x your buy-in to the maximum jackpot prize of 10,000x your buy-in. 

    Only the winner will receive their prize.

    All other players will see what prize they would have won when they're eliminated from the game.

    Tournament Blinds

    Tournament blinds increase throughout the game in order to speed it up.

    Each tournament starts at the designated time, with all registered players. 

    This means that the majority of tournaments are contested by lots of players on different tables.

    Game Layout 

    As games progress and players , remaining players are moved around to ensure an even number on each table.

    As more and more players are eliminated, tables are then removed to keep the remaining tables as full as possible.

    This continues until only the final table is left.

    The game ends when one player has won all of the chips.


    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 90.00%

    The return to player is the theoretical percentage of buy-ins that are paid out in prizes, on average. This replaces the normal 10% entry fee for tournaments.

    Due to the large jackpots that are possible, the actual percentage awarded can be lower or higher than 90% over the short term.