Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash Live

Discover the exciting Cash or Crash Live game for a chance to draw gold balls and potentially win up to 50,000x! 

    Cash or Crash Live Game Overview

    Featuring a 20-step paytable, the aim of Cash or Crash Live is to climb up the ladder for a chance to win bigger prizes!

    There are three different coloured balls available in this game - drawing a gold one could award you a maximum multiplier of 50,000x. 

    Be aware of the red ball, which will cause you to crash. 

    Game Rules

    The live casino game Cash or Crash Live is played with a 20-step, ladder-style paytable.

    The further you climb up the ladder, the bigger your potential winnings could be. 

    28 balls will be placed inside the drawing ball machine, as follows: 19 green, one gold and eight red.

    The way the game behaves will depend on what colour ball is drawn. 

    Drawn balls will be separated from the other balls until the end of the round.

    If a green or gold ball is drawn, your chances of drawing a red ball will increase.

    Climbing to the top the paytable could increase your potential winnings to a maximum of 18,000x, or up to 50,000x if a gold ball is drawn!

    How to Play

    Place a bet on the bet spot to start your game - the paytable will show your potential winnings according to your bet.

    When the betting time is up, the first ball will be drawn, resulting in one of the following outcomes:

    • Green ball drawn - progress one step up the ladder, which increases your potential winnings
    • Gold ball drawn - move one step up the ladder, further increasing your potential winnings. A gold ball will also award a shield, which protects you from the next red ball drawn, as well as a bonus round (below) 
    • Red ball drawn - without an active shield, red balls cause you to crash, lose your winnings and end the game. If you do have a shield, the shield will be broken and the game will resume

    If a green ball is drawn or your shield is broken, you will be given three choices:

    • Continue - carry on playing with 100% of your potential winnings
    • Take half - cash out half (50%) of your potential winnings and continue playing with the other half
    • Take all - cash out all of your winnings and stop playing 

    You will be able to see the chance of each of ball being drawn next to the paytable, to help make your decision. 

    The decision you make will become default for all future decision phases in the current game round. 

    Gold Ball

    Whenever a gold ball is drawn from the machine, you will be awarded a shield and one bonus round.

    The shield will protect you from the next red ball drawn. 

    The bonus is in the format of a quick-drawing mode, which requires you to make no decisions (as you are shielded from crashing). 

    Any green balls drawn during the bonus will see you progress up the paytable, thereby increasing your potential winning

    Any red balls drawn will break the shield - from then on, you will need to make a decision for every subsequent green balls drawn. The next green ball drawn will increase potential payouts.

    Game Outcome

    The game will end in one of the below outcomes, depending on your decision:

    • Take all - your total winnings will be displayed and the game will end (you can follow the gameplay until the end of the round) 
    • Take half - your cashed-out winnings (50%) will be added to your total winnings and you will carry on playing with the other 50% of your stake. The game will end when a red ball is drawn, unless you have an active shield, and all potential winnings that you didn't cash out will be lost

    Cashed-out winnings will be paid at the end of the game.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 99.59%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average pay out £99.59 of wins.