Rainbow Riches: Cash Cluster

Rainbow Riches: Cash Cluster is the exciting instant game, featuring several different symbols, two bonuses and extra spins! Play for a chance to win.

    Rainbow Riches: Cash Cluster Game Overview

    Betting in this game uses the Symbol Collect feature.

    Game Rules

    You will have six initial spins to play with. 

    Spin the reels to reveal two grid co-ordinates, which will become highlighted.

    Symbols in the highlighted grid positions, plus any adjacent symbols of the same type, will also be highlighted.

    Highlighted symbols will be collected on the prize chart.

    Prizes are awarded when you complete the respective row(s) on the prize chart.

    As soon as a prize row has been completed, it will reset and you can start to fill it up again, giving you even more chances to win. 


    This game offers a maximum of 10 different symbols.

    Cascades occur each time a symbol leaves the reels and is added to the prize chart.

    Remaining symbols will drop to the bottom of the screen, leaving empty positions for new symbols to cascade into.

    Wining combinations cannot be achieved as a result of a cascade.

    The above continues until you run out of spins. 

    Super Gem

    Whenever a Super Gem symbol hits the reels, all surrounding symbols will be collected. 

    Pots of Gold Bonus

    Trigger this bonus by collecting three or more Pots of Gold symbols.

    Pots of Gold symbols can appear individually or within a cluster. 

    If enabled, a mix of 12 gold, silver and bronze pots will materialise on your screen.

    Spin them to determine your guaranteed prize.

    This bonus offers a minimum multiplier of 10x the play amount and a maximum multiplier of 500x the play amount. 

    It is possible to activate the Pots of Gold Bonus more than once per game.

    Road To Riches Bonus

    Three or more Leprechaun symbols appearing, as a single symbol or cluster of symbols, will award the Road To Riches Bonus.

    A wheel will then appear - spin it to see how many steps you'll move along the path.

    The further you advance, the more valuable the prize multiplier will become.

    This process repeats until 'Collect' is revealed on the wheel, thereby ending the bonus. 

    The bonus will also terminate if you reach the last step on the path. 

    You're guaranteed to win in this bonus. 

    The minimum multiplier awarded is 2x the play amount and the maximum multiplier awarded is 100x the play amount.

    The Road To Riches Bonus can be enabled several times.

    Extra Spins

    Extra spins can be purchased after each game, but if you have a chance of winning on the next spin. 

    You can buy a maximum of three extra spins.

    The price of each spin depends on the grid position and potential prizes (please note the cost may be more than your base stake).

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 89.50%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £89.50 of wins.