First Person Mega Ball

Complete as many lines as possible in the casino game First Person Mega Ball for a chance to win! 

    First Person Mega Ball Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in First Person Mega Ball range from 10p to £100.

    Game Information

    The aim of First Person Mega Ball is to get as many lines on your Mega Card as possible.

    The drawing machine contains a total of 51 balls.

    Wins will be awarded once the final ball has been drawn. 

    At the end of the game, it's possible that the Mega Ball may multiply your winnings - the amount awarded will depend on the number of lines you've won.

    Game Cards

    This game takes place on a card with 5x5 squares.

    The centre square will always remain blank.

    You can decide the value of each card you play with - in this game, cards cost between 10p and £100.

    You can play a maximum of 200 cards at any one time.

    Main Game

    20 balls will be drawn during the main game, each one revealing a number. 

    Numbers are automatically marked off your card(s) for you.

    The card closest to a win will displayed at the top of the list. 

    You can also see how much you'll win if a certain ball is drawn.

    Mega Ball Bonus Rounds

    At the end of your game, one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds will commence.

    One multiplier will be generated and one Mega Ball will be drawn during each round. 

    The paytable will show how much you've earned.

    If your lines contain a multiplier, the multiplier will be applied to your winnings; if there are two multipliers present, only the highest value multiplier will be applied.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 95%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.00 of wins.