100/1 Roulette

Step into the casino with 100/1 Roulette.

This version of roulette provides a unique twist on the classic game.

With more numbers on the roulette wheel, you could win big!

    100/1 Roulette Game Overview 

    The bet sizes available in 100/1 Roulette range from 1p to £200.  

    Game Objective

    100/1 Roulette offers a unique twist on the classic casino game roulette.

    This version of the game features 100 numbers - that's more numbers than in regular roulette, and a bigger wheel!

    Your goal in this game is to correctly guess where the ball will stop on the roulette wheel.

    Place your bet on the number or numbers of your choice. If you guess correctly, you win!

    Roulette Wheel

     The roulette wheel in 100/1 Roulette features 105 pockets - 5o of these are black, 50 are red and five are green.

    The black and red pockets account for the numbers one - 1oo, with red pockets representing odd numbers and black representing even numbers.

    The five green pockets represent zero.

    Bet Choices

    You will have the option to place a variety of different bets in this game.

    Your bet options can be found in the bet table - select the bet of your choice to wager, and press 'bet' to launch the roulette ball.

    Single NumberA single number of your choosing100/1
    Pair of NumbersTwo numbers of your choosing49/1
    Three Number SplitThree numbers at the split31/1
    Four Number CornerFour numbers the chip is touching24/1
    Five Number StreetFive numbers on the same horizontal line the chip is touching19/1
    Ten Number Street/ColumnTen numbers on the same column or horizontal line the chip is touching9/1
    15 Number Avenue15 numbers in the columns touched by the chip11/2
    20 Number Avenue20 numbers in the columns touched by the chip4/1
    Even/Odds All even or odd numbers1/1
    Reds/BlacksAll red or black numbers1/1

     When the ball comes to a stop on the wheel, winners will be announced.

     If you wish to remove one or more wagers, select   'Clear Last Bet' or 'Clear All Bets'.  

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 92.86 - 96.19%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £92.86 and £96.19. 

    This return is based on the player making the best choices.