Join in Our Multiplayer Slot Master Tournaments

Get ready to climb to the top of the leader board in our action-packed free-to-play slots tournaments!
1st August 2023

Join in Our Multiplayer Slot Master Tournaments


Love chatting while you’re playing? Got a competitive side just waiting to burst out? 

Here at Jackpotjoy, we love to shout about our wonderful community of members. After all, it’s what makes online gaming so great! Chatting to your fellow players, watching the action unfold together, unleashing your competitive side; there are plenty of reasons why playing in an online community is unbeatable. 

That’s why we’re super excited to share our new Slot Masters feature with you. Combining the community element of online bingo with a slot machine, Slot Masters is a fabulous multiplayer slot tournament that lets you compete against other players for the top spot. And best of all? It’s free to play!  

How to play Slot Masters

Unlike regular slot machines, Slot Masters is a game of skill and strategy, as you carefully plot your next move against your fellow players. The aim of the tournament is to collect as many points as possible in each battle, so you can beat your opposition and claim a spot on the treasured leaderboard. Sounds pretty fierce, right? 

You’ll be able to play a certain number of battles in each tournament (usually around two or three per day). You don’t need to place a wager to join a battle, just hit ‘Play’ to get started. 

Once you’ve joined a battle, the fight is on. Just like a standard slot game, lining up symbols will create winning combinations and score points. In Slot Masters, though, you can access special weapons that can let you slow an opponent down, demolish their scores or even block them from pulling the same moves on you. 

Slot Masters weapons explained

You’ll start each battle with a variety of different weapons in your collection. The number on each weapon represents how many you will have to play with. 

  • Archer – freezes your opponent’s central reel. 
  • Freeze – freezes all your opponent’s reels for five seconds (five seconds never seemed so long). 
  • Lock – locks your opponent’s War Chest for five seconds. 
  • Sword – slashes your opponent’s balance in half. 
  • Thief – steals half of your opponent’s balance for yourself. 
  • Shield – defends against all incoming attacks for a set period of time. 

With all these weapons at your disposal, what’s to stop you from going all gun’s blazing against your competitors?! Well, here’s the tricky part. You can only use a weapon when a War Chest appears on the third reel. The chest will open to reveal your remaining weapons. 

You’ll have a few seconds to peruse your collection and pick an option. Careful, though! Hit the ‘Spin’ button too fast and you’ll miss it opening. 


Knock knock, prizes galore!

Collecting points during a Slot Masters tournament won’t only offer the chance to see your name in glittering lights on our leaderboard, it could also bag you some exciting prizes.  

We’ll credit the best players in the tournament with a bunch of free spins or even a cash payout! These will drop into your account within 72 hours of the leaderboard being announced (this might be slightly longer if it’s a Bank Holiday), so keep your eyes peeled. 

Itching to join the action? Have no fear. We’re regularly hosting Slot Masters tournament here, so all you need to do is become a member and jump in. Come along and join the party

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