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Daily Double Jackpot Slots

If there’s one thing better than winning at online slot games, it's winning an incredible Daily Jackpot! Thankfully we have plenty of slots with these phenomenal jackpots available, including favourites such as Agent Royale and Dynamite Riches, giving you even more chances to strike it big.

What are Daily Jackpot Slots?

Daily Jackpot Slots offer you even more opportunities to win, as they each have several progressive jackpots attached to them. Available exclusively on Red Tiger slot games, Daily Jackpot Slots are guaranteed to pay out every day of the week.

How to Win at Daily Jackpot Slots

The two main jackpots, the Quick Hit Jackpot and Late Drop Jackpot, are guaranteed to pay out before a set time each day - the Early Drop Jackpot must be won before 8pm and the Late Drop before midnight. There’s also a smaller Quick Drop Jackpot available while playing Daily Jackpot slot games, which pays out hourly throughout the day.

But that’s not all! As well as the super generous jackpot prizes, we offer a huge variety of Daily Jackpot Slot games, so that you can experience the thrill of playing the best online slot machines with potentially huge cash prizes.

Quick Hit Jackpot

As with all Progressive Jackpots, the Early Bird prize amount continues to grow throughout the day until one lucky player scoops the lot. It must be won before the daily 8pm deadline and your chances of winning it are determined by your stake size - this means that the higher your wager, the higher your chances of winning the jackpot are. As soon as the jackpot has been awarded, it resets to zero and all contributions will go towards the next day’s jackpot.

Late Drop Jackpot

The nature of the Late Drop Jackpot - it has to be won before midnight every day - makes it the largest progressive jackpot available at Jackpotjoy! It continues to grow with each bet placed on games offering Daily Jackpots, and only stops once it has been won.

Quick Drop Jackpot

Compared to the two main jackpots, which are each available once a day, Quick Drop Jackpots can be awarded once per hour, thereby increasing your chances of winning. These smaller jackpots can be won on any spin while playing our Red Tiger Jackpot slot games, including Mayan Gods, Phoenix Fire Power Reels and Wings of Ra.

Red Tiger Slot Games

Discover our vast collection of awesome Red Tiger slots for even more opportunities to win! As well as featuring win multipliers of up to 10,000x your bet, you will also be playing for a chance to land free spins and exciting bonus rounds. We’re forever updating our incredible range of Red Tiger games to ensure that we have one for each and every one of our players, from much-loved classics to innovative Megaways and Power Reels slots.

Daily Jackpot Terms

Jackpot Game

When at least three jackpot symbols appear on the reels, or if the jackpot is triggered by a game feature, you will win at least one jackpot tier.

Your chances of winning a jackpot are proportional to the size of the stake you played - a higher stake will mean a higher chance of success.

The jackpot is available in any of the linked jackpot games. To win, simply spin the reels! The jackpot triggers at random.

The stake value cannot be changed during Free Spins.

Internet connectivity issues can cause delays in jackpot messages or updates, however they will not affect wins themselves.

The same jackpot cannot be won by two players. If two jackpot wins occur close together, the winnings will be assigned in their respective order.

The jackpot value displayed may differ from the effective jackpot value if connectivity issues occur. This could result in the temporary deactivation of the jackpot. If this does occur, then all contributions will be paused. Upon reactivation of the jackpot, the value available will be the same as it was before deactivation.

Progressive (Quick Drop) Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot is made up of the stakes played on all games that offer this type of jackpot.

A small percentage of each total bet will accumulate in a common pot which will be split into a larger and a smaller part. The larger part will form the progressively increasing jackpot amounts, while the smaller part will contribute to a seed fund (the minimum guaranteed amount available to players once a jackpot is won).

A new Progressive Jackpot will be made available as soon as the last one is awarded.

The jackpot can only be won by a single user in a single spin.

There is no ceiling value on Progressive (Quick Drop) Jackpots and they can be won at any time.

If you have won a jackpot, you will get a notification in the jackpot panel, and the amount will automatically be transferred into your wallet.

The current starting value for the Progressive Jackpot is £200.

Time/Daily Jackpot

The Time Jackpot is a progressive jackpot guaranteed to pay out before a set date and time.

The prize pot from this Jackpot is made up of contributions taken from stakes placed on spins for linked jackpot games.

There will be an advertised latest payout time for these prizes, and the odds of winning increase the closer the prize pot gets to that time, with odds increasing up to 100% when the guaranteed latest payout time is reached.

When the prize is won, a new Time Jackpot is created and the process will repeat.

This jackpot can only be won on a single spin by a single user.

There are no ceiling values for Time Jackpots, however they must be won before the time and date specified.

Once the jackpot has been won, a notification will appear in the jackpot panel and the amount will be transferred directly to the user wallet.

The current starting value for this jackpot is £1,000.