Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Spin the wheel and you could trigger thrilling bonuses in Crazy Time!

    Bet Sizes

    The minimum bet size is 10p.

    The maximum bet size is £5,000.

    How To Play

    Place your bets. To take part in bonus games, you must place a bet on a bonus game bet spot.

    The Top Slot starts when the main money wheel spins. 

    One random multiplier will be selected for one random bet spot — either a number or bonus game.

    If a multiplier and bet spot align in the Top Slot, it’s a match and the bet spot has the random multiplier added to it.

    You will win according to the payout table if the money wheel stops at a number.

    If the number was given a random multiplier, your bet is multiplied in turn.

    When the money wheel stops on a bonus round, it will commence the bonus game. 

    If the bonus game was given a random multiplier, it will see the multipliers in the game multiplied at the start.


    Coin Flip

    A coin with a blue side and a red side will be flipped in the Coin Flip bonus game, with each side being allocated a random multiplier when the bonus game round begins.

    The coin is flipped automatically, and whichever side is face up at the end is the winner.

    If the coin lands with the red side up, you will win the red multiplier and vice versa for the blue side. 

    Occasionally a surprise Rescue Flip might occur, which sees the coin flipped once more should the multipliers that were assigned have low values.

    Cash Hunt

    Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery consisting of a big screen with 108 random multipliers.

    In this interactive bonus round, each player chooses their own target in this interactive bonus round. This means that different multipliers are won by different players.

    All the multipliers will be covered by random symbols and then shuffled prior to play beginning.

    After this, you are able to aim at your chosen symbol. The cannon will shoot at your target when the decision time is over and reveal the hidden multiplier. 

    Your bet will then be multiplied by the multiplier you won.


    The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall with a multitude of physical pegs, consisting of drop zones at the top, and at the bottom there are landing zones.

    In the game a puck will be dropped from the top of the Pachinko wall, and whichever multiplier it lands on is awarded to you.

    Every landing zone will be given a random multiplier or a ‘Double’ value at the start of each puck drop. 

    The puck is then dropped from a randomly generated drop zone at the top of the Pachinko wall and will travel down, making its way through the pegs to finally land in a landing zone.

    Your bet will be multiplied if the landing zone has a multiplier. 

    If the puck lands in the ‘Double' landing zone, the multipliers in all of the landing zones are doubled. 

    A new drop zone is randomly chosen, and the puck will continue to be dropped until it lands on a multiplier. 

    Until the multipliers in the landing zone have reached the maximum 10,000x multiplier, the puck is able to be kept dropping.

    If the puck landed on a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier, it may lead to a Rescue Drop taking place. 

    Any multiplier that is lower than the won multiplier will be boosted to the won multiplier's value. A new drop zone is randomised and the puck is dropped again.

    Crazy Time

    Behind the red door there’s a gigantic virtual wheel in a crazy and fun virtual world. 

    The virtual wheel features 64 segments and is filled with crazy multipliers, creating the potential for crazy multiplied winnings!

    Multipliers will randomly be placed on the wheel in every round of the game. Some segments will be given a ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’ value.

    Choose your flapper: green, blue or yellow. The game presenter will start the wheel by pushing the large button. 

    When the virtual wheel stops spinning, the flappers will be pointing to three different segments. 

    The multiplier that stops at your chosen flapper is awarded to you.

    If any of the flappers stop at ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’, all the multipliers on the wheel will have their values multiplied by two or three.

    Those who had selected that flapper will take part in a re-spin with the chance to win even bigger multipliers! 

    The wheel can be re-spun after winning on ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’ until the multipliers have reached the maximum 20,000x multiplier.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.08%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers and the RTP is 96.08% we will, on average, pay out £96.08 of wins.