What Are The Odds of Winning The Lottery? Find Out Below

The odds of winning any lottery draw are always going to be huge, so to put these numbers into perspective we are looking at the odds of some similarly unlikely events. 

215-1 Dating a millionaire – Meeting the perfect someone who just happens to be a millionaire may not be as unlikely as you might think. Time to start the search…

5,000-1 Getting a hole-in-one in golf – Amateur golfers around the world play every weekend hoping to score an ‘Ace’. No matter how often they play, achieving this feat is still unlikely.

880,000-1 Dating a supermodel – In your dreams, right? Perhaps ending up with a supermodel on your arm is not as unlikely as people would have you believe. You just never know…

1,000,000-1 Getting struck by lightning – The likelihood of getting struck by lightning always gets mentioned. The chances of it happening are still remote, so you don’t need to be to worry about it.

1,505,000-1 Becoming a movie star – Ever thought you could make it big in Hollywood? A lot of people claim they could, but as the odds suggest, you probably won't become the next Di Caprio.

7,000,000-1 Becoming a billionaire – Move over Bill Gates and Richard Branson! There is a one in 7 million chance that YOU could become a billionaire in your lifetime!

8,000,000-1 Winning the Irish Lottery / Thunderball – You're more likely to become a billionaire then winning one of these draws... still, buying a ticket is easier than inventing Facebook!

11,500,000-1 Getting attacked by a shark – Ever since Jaws hit movie screens everyone has been convinced that sharks are lurking just waiting to attack. The truth is this is highly unlikely!

13,200,000-1 Becoming an astronaut – A lot of children grow up dreaming of becoming an astronaut, but as these odds show, very few ever fulfil this early Apollo dream.

14,000,000-1 Winning the National Lottery – We all know that correctly predicting the seven balls drawn on Wednesdays or Saturdays is very tough – these odds underline that fact.

112,000,000-1 Killed by a vending machine falling on you – Ever rocked a vending machine when your item doesn't drop down? These odds should make you think twice!

117,000,000-1 Winning the EuroMillions lottery – The largest EuroMillions win was an incredible £161,653,000 – this explains why the odds of winning this weekly draw are so high.

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