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Win cash in an instant on our Scratchcard and Instant Win games. From the Scratchcard Shop to Deal or No Deal, there are always plenty of cash prizes to be won!

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    Scratchcard Shop

    Pick from five big money scratchcards that could win you up to £30,000 just like that!

  • Preview

    Pillars of Fortune

    Clear the tiles to win up to £100,000!

  • Preview

    Blotto Lotto

    Blotto Lotto is an exciting lottery game that gives you the chance to win up to £50,000 on a single bet!

  • Preview

    Monster Cravings

    Quash the Monster’s Cravings to scoop sweet cash prizes!

  • Preview

    Bejeweled Hypercash

    Turn gems into big cash wins with the Bejeweled Hypercash instant game!

  • Preview

    Deal or No Deal

    This is your chance to play everyone’s favourite game show with our great instant game!

  • Preview

    Golden Balls Instant

    This instant game is your chance to hit the Golden Balls jackpot and win a 24 carat prize!

  • Preview

    Bejeweled Scratchcard

    Our Bejeweled Scratchcard is the fastest way to win cash with this iconic game!

  • Preview

    DoND Scratchcard

    Deal or No Deal Scratchcard offers you three games in one, as well as a £10,000 instant jackpot!

  • Preview

    Fortune Teller Keno

    Fortune Teller Keno is the one man bingo instant game that offers you the chance to win 10,000 times your stake!

  • Preview

    Footballers Widows

    This instant win game is perfect for any women who have ever felt second best to a bunch of men kicking a football around!