New Bingo Games You Should Have On Your Radar

20th December 2022

New Bingo Games You Should Have On Your Radar

Here at Jackpotjoy, we have a wide range of online bingo games – whether you're looking for something short and sweet, after the big jackpot, or enjoy immersing yourself in a different world. If you're anything like us, it's as much about the chat rooms as the game itself – it's all part of the fun, right?

Well, you'll be glad to know we have plenty of new bingo games (and rooms!) where you can play, chat, and be with a chance to win.

Bingo 80, Superlinks 75 and Joy Bingo are just some of our new games, with jackpots up for grabs when you buy a ticket.

Make sure you visit our page regularly to keep up to date on the latest bingo game releases from Jackpotjoy.

Bingo 80

One of our most recent releases is Bingo 80, an exciting new bingo game that gives you the chance to land a progressive jackpot! This is a variation to the other games that you can find on our site, as it is played with 80 balls, rather than the 75 or 90-ball versions that are more common.

You can win prizes for lines and full houses when you play this game, but you can only trigger the Magic 80 Jackpot by completing a full house with the number 80. As this is a progressive jackpot, if it goes unclaimed for a longer period, you will be able to play for a bigger cash prize.

Bingo 80


Tickets for our Bingo 80 rooms can be bought from just 5p, and games are played between 7am and 11pm, meaning it’s perfect for all kinds of players. Whether you’re new to bingo or an experienced dauber, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy this unique and exclusive game.

Superlinks 75

If you’ve enjoyed playing the original Superlinks game, then you might want to take a chance on Superlinks 75, one of our new bingo games. As you may be able to guess from the title, this release features the 75-ball style that was made popular in the USA, and it boasts a range of different bingo prizes.

You can play the Single Prize Game, where you compete against other players to complete a pre-determined pattern, which will give you a full house.

Superlinks 75


There is also a Five Line Game, where prizes will be awarded for one line, two lines and a full house, increasing in value as you progress through the game. You will need to mark off all 25 numbers on your grid to win the full house.

As in all of our online bingo games, Superlinks 75 includes a jackpot. The value of the Super Jackpot can be viewed by checking your screen for the ‘SJ’ symbol, and all of the winnings in this prize will be paid to the first player to trigger it.

Joy Bingo

This is another title that is exclusive to Jackpotjoy, and it is perfect for fans of 90-ball bingo. Just like other 90-ball games, you will be able to play for three prizes – one line, two lines and a full house.

Joy Bingo features two different jackpots. You could win the Super Jackpot, which is a fixed cash prize paid out when a player wins a full house in 42 or fewer calls. In addition to this, there is a Community Super Jackpot, which sees 50% of its winnings being paid to the first player to call ‘house’, and the remaining 50% goes to the other players with tickets in the game. The jackpot that is available can be found if you check for the ‘Super Jackpot (SJ)’ symbol while you are playing.

Joy Bingo


You could also receive a bingo bonus thanks to the Lucky Numbers feature. This is applied to any win that you achieve with the final ball number ranging between one and 20, and it gives you an additional 20% bonus on top of your winnings! The Lucky Numbers feature can only take place once in a single game of Joy Bingo.

New Bingo Features

As we continue to release new bingo games, we’re committed to giving you exciting ways to play the popular game. You may find brand new bingo features across some of our titles when they are released, giving you fresh and exciting ways to play the game you love. Be sure to keep checking our site to see when we have new bingo games going live, and read the individual game pages to find out everything you need to know about each of our bingo rooms.

Classic Bingo Games

In addition to our new bingo games, you can take a look through our catalogue of other bingo titles! Tickets for our rooms can be bought from just 1p, and with a range of jackpots up for grabs, they’re perfect for just about any bingo player.

In Sapphire Bingo you can play for a progressive jackpot, as well as the Powerbolts Jackpot that has to be won before 9.55pm every day, with a maximum prize of £15,000 on offer!

Play Session Bingo, with four different sessions available daily, and it’s possible to buy tickets up to a week in advance of the games taking place. There is a mix of 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo available, so you can dip in and out of the different versions of the popular game.